Where are Windows Defender Offline scan logs stored?

Where are Windows Defender Offline scan logs stored?

You may be wondering if Windows Defender is able to store log files Offline analysis. Well, to our knowledge, the very popular anti-virus and anti-malware scanner doesSuch a thing, but there is something else if you really want to have access to valuable data. Now, if you really want to see the results of offline analysis, we can help you, without any problem and without costs, of course.

he"s It is probably impossible to download the data, but at least you can view it, then determine what you want to do with the information you have.

How to view Windows Defender Offline scan results

If you want to view the results or the Windows Defender Offline scan log, this information will be very useful.

1) support

One of the easiest ways to locate the Windows Defender log file is to access the next location and poking around

C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Defender Support

It's the easiest way, but it does not show everything you might need. We will discuss other ways.

2) Event Log

You may know this, but several items appear in the event log, including the offline analysis data of Windows Defender. To move to this section, we suggest you enable the search field, then copy and paste the following command and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

%windir%System32winevtLogsMicrosoft-Windows-Windows Defender%4Operational.evtx

This should at least provide more information needed, so keep going and surf there when you are ready.

Alternatively, you can right-click the Start button and select Event Viewer.

Then click Event Viewer> Application and Service Logs> Microsoft> Windows> Windows Defender> Operational.

After all this, the user should now see the following:

  • The analysis of Windows Defender has begun. (Event ID 1000)
  • The analysis of Windows Defender is complete. (Event ID 1001)
  • The signature version of Windows Defender has been updated. (2000)

Here you can consult the newspapers.

3) How to find the results of the analysis

OK, so when it comes to analyzing the results, things can get a little tricky, but not impossible. To do this, right-click the Start button again and select Settings> Update and Security> Windows Security> Virus and Threat Protection.

In this section, under Virus and Threat Protection, you must select one of the filters. History of the threat options, and that's it.

Logs are typically used by system administrators or for submitting errors or problems with Windows Defender.

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