Ways to Consume CBD Hemp Flower Special Sauce

Ways to Consume CBD Hemp Flower Special Sauce

Smoking of the hemp flower is on the rise. It offers a number of benefits and flexibility when consuming hemp flowers. There are also a number of ways we consume our varieties. Some of us smoke, some prefer to vape, others take oils or and some use pills.

If you are looking for ways to consume CBD flowers, this article will help you understand the possible ways to consume the new strain of hemp flower special sauce strain.

A quality hemp flower can be consumed in your home in these 5 possible ways with a bonus tip. Sit back and read this article to get started with the new kind of ways to consume the best of strain / flower.

1. Use gaskets or pre-rollers

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One of the most popular ways to consume the CBD flower is to smoke it. And for smoking, it is better to buy pre-rolls or make joints.

If you are currently in a state where the use of cannabis is legal, you can mix flowers rich in THC and CBD for a unique smoking experience.

If you think seal rolling isn’t your strong suit, learn the quick steps to rolling perfect joints effectively.

2. Pipe or bongs

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You can invest in both a pipe or a bong if you want to smoke hemp flowers from special strains. This means that you don’t need to roll the joints.

When using a pipe or bong, you don’t need to break the flower before packing them into the pipes / bongs. It also saves a lot of time and paper.

You will find that pipes / bongs come in different shapes and designs. Sometimes smoking through them can make you feel hard near your throat. Since the first puff, a lot of smoke can build up in the room.

However, you might come across new bongs that have filters and cool the smoke in one or more different ways before it enters your lungs.

3. make your own snippets

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Making your own extract may seem like the most difficult way to consume. When buying a special sauce strain, it’s best to make your own CBD infused oil for more therapeutic benefits. Making your own extract is very easy. If you want to know, try it, then see it here and enjoy the benefits of this easy-to-prepare extract. What you need to do is decarboxylate the hemp flower by heating it and activating the CBD in it.

Steps to Create Your Own Snippet

  • You need to grind the hemp flower very lightly and spread it on a baking sheet. Try to cook the CBD flower at 215-220 Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes until the THC compounds are released.
  • Now combine one ounce of the CBD flower with two cups of coconut or olive oil. Do not use hemp oil as it could not withstand the heat well.
  • Heat it over low heat for six hours.
  • If you are preparing the oil in a saucepan, remember to add 2-3 cups of water so that the oil does not burn.
  • After the programmed time of 30 minutes has elapsed, allow the oil to cool. Store the material in a glass jar.

You can use this oil for cooking or for vaping in doses that you will love to have.

4. Make edibles

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Well, edibles are another option to try! Add the hemp flower to some of your favorite recipes. You can choose cakes or brownies or any type of fatty recipe because these edibles allow optimal absorption of fat in your body.

Use the CBD oil you prepared to replace any type of recipe that currently uses butter. Let’s say a recipe calls for 1 cup of butter, instead of using three-quarters of a cup of oil.

5. Use Dry Herb Vape

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In the market, you will find a number of vape cartridges that allow you to vaporize hemp flowers. These are just electronic vaporizers that have small compartments where you can place the amount of weed you want to smoke.

Then heat the device to a preset temperature allowing the CBD and others to THC-related compounds which turn into vapor for inhalation.

If you are making a slow cooking recipe, all you need to do is grind the flower and add it directly to the dish. The simmer time helps to imbibe the cannabinoids in your food. At the same time, if your recipe calls for stepping up the CBD, simply decarboxylate the hemp flower. After that, add to the dish, you prepare directly.


If you buy the strain in its natural form, it offers several flexibilities to how you like to consume it.

For most of us, smoking is the most enjoyable way. This is one of the best ways to experience the special flavor of the sauce. It is not always possible to smoke and therefore you need a different way of consuming the flowers.

Look for the clean, rich and aromatic hemp flower in the market. You can find the best online stores that also offer a variety of varieties with special sauce varieties. This will give you the assurance that the quality of the product you purchase from the relevant dealer is the best, regardless of your choice.

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