4 Business Automation Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

4 Business Automation Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Nowadays, many small businesses are considering automation to transform their operations and push them to the next level. There are many reasons behind a decision like this, and most have to do with progress, technological advancesand the desire to do more in less time and to save resources. In the past years, automation has helped large organizations immensely and with comprehensive technological development, small businesses can join in the fun and seek to make their brand better and bigger in this way. Responding to new trends in real time can set a business on a path that will set it apart from its rivals.

The problem, as is usually the case, is that most automation tools are still designed for large companies. Fortunately, there are some that can help any business or brand regardless of size, and this article is dedicated to them. If your goal is to put your small business on a new path, please read our article on Business Automation Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier. Let’s explore these ways technology can help your business.

1. Zapier

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Saving time and money is the goal of every activity and with Zapier you get it right. With this fairly simple automation platform, you can increase productivity with ease. When we say simple, we mean it, because it’s pretty straightforward for an automation process. Its purpose is to connect the rest of the applications you may be using in your business into one automated system. The objective is to simplify each working day by making all the necessary applications cooperate via an automated system which is Zapier.

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There are many things it can do, and all of them are meant to elevate your brand. You can configure it to save all the files you receive through Gmail on Google drive. Additionally, you can connect it to your Twitter feed, and once you post a tweet, it can also post your blog posts as an attachment. It is possible to do wonders with files entrusted to your business and share them across platforms or store them in single storage. With this tool, you can create as many trades as you want in order to save time which will result in a sum of money.


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In many ways, IFTTT and Zapier are quite similar. The idea behind the two apps is quite similar. These are the repetitive manual tasks that other applications perform and make them work as one and exchange data with each other. IFTTT has managed to build its name in this department, and it has even managed to rise above Zapier in this department. You could even say it’s a better and more advanced version of it. The only side you might like is that it isn’t made to be used by teams. It can only work on one account.

But, it also has its advantage and it lies in the moment of the response that it once connected to other apps and we can say that it fires in an instant when called. Zapier is not as responsive and this could be his biggest feed considering he has a response time of five to fifteen minutes. At the same time, Zapier can be configured to have multiple actions from a defined trigger, whereas with IFTTT you cannot. When it comes to these two tools, you are free to choose your poison.

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3. CRM software

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It’s not even a question of whether your business needs this kind of inside help – it does! Customer relationship management should be an essential part of every business, regardless of its size. The value brought to the table cannot be measured in some cases, both in time, money and productivity. Depending on your needs, you can derive various benefits from using this system in your business. This can bring great value and boost to your business if you are working in the moving industry, where the relationship with customers is of paramount importance. With the right tool in place, you can always track the integral parts of your business that include onboarding, costs, and people. If you are working in this niche and looking for the right software to use, you can turn to MoversTech CRM for automated support that could change the way your business operates.

4. Calendly

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A successful business only means one thing: a busy life. Most people live like this today, and our lives tend to have less and less free time. If you are running a business of any size, you should have a lot of meetings. It’s about honoring our customers and partners with a little of our time. To be able to take on all the responsibilities you may have, you need to make every meeting effective. While meetings can be difficult and time consuming, organizing them doesn’t have to be like that. If you want everything to be up to date and running on a schedule that you created, Calendly is your tool.

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This tool consists of transferring communication between all your applications and associates, following it in a calendar application, with the intention of having set up the meetings at the right time. This app is highly adaptive and communicative as it allows you to set up your schedule and create openings for meetings. Once you have all the necessary data in place, you can set a schedule for whoever you want and allow them to choose the date and time of the meeting. If your business operates with sales, your team members will be happy to have this tool available to them. You can build relationships with your employees and customers, and this can be used as a means of communication with internal and external factors related to your business. The best part is that it can be easily configured to work with any of the automated tools we mentioned above like Zapier.

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