We couldn’t unlock your Personal vault, Error Code 0x80004005

We couldn't unlock your Personal vault, Error Code 0x80004005

Following the general availability of OneDrive Personal Vault, some users are faced with the error 0x80004005 when they try to unlock Personal Vault from a Windows 10 PC. In this article of the TWC, we will propose two possible solutions to remedy this problem.

Unable to unlock your personal vault, error code 0x80004005.

Personal Vault is a protected area in OneDrive where you can store your most important or sensitive files and photos without sacrificing the convenience of access anywhere. This requires a strong authentication method or the second step of verification of the identity, such as your fingerprint, your face, your PIN code or a code sent to you by e-mail or SMS. This gives your locked files an extra layer of security, further protecting them in case someone has access to your account or device.

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Personal Vault is easy to access from onedrive.com, your PC or any other capable device. So, if you need a little more security for your files, you can configure Personal Vault to take advantage of this feature.

Error 0x80004005, we can not unlock your personal vault.

If OneDrive Personal Vault can not be locked, you can try the following suggestions to correct the OneDrive error:

  1. Make sure all feature updates are installed
  2. Disable Control of the application and the browser setting
  3. Contact OneDrive email support.
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1) Make sure all updates are installed

  • Open the Windows settings (press the Windows key + I)
  • To select Update and security > Windows Update.
  • Make sure to accept all updates, including any possible Feature updates.

If, after trying the above step, you still can not unlock Personal Vault from your Windows 10 PC, try the second step below.

2) disable the Control of the application and the browser setting

  • Start the Windows security app.
  • Under the protection zones. Click on Control of the application and the browser open.
  • Under the Check apps and files, click on Of radio button.

Now, try again to open the safe.

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3) Contact OneDrive Email Support

If nothing helps, click on the ‘?’ Help icon at the top of the page and select Support Email OneDrive.

Good luck.

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