We found a problem with some content in filename.xlsx error in Excel

We found a problem with some content

As you know, a file with the .xlsx extension is an open XML file. It is commonly used to store financial data and create mathematical models. Sometimes this generates an unusual error. When you try to open it, it shows We found a problem with content in filename.xlsx message. By following a few steps, you can replace this problem. Look how!

We found a problem with content in filename.xlsx

The content error is faced when the excel file is corrupted. So, to solve this problem, you will have to

  1. Configure the calculation option on Manual
  2. Copy XLS to remove an unreadable content error
  3. Switching to file recovery mode

1) Set the calculation option to Manual.

If the calculation option has been set to automatic, change it to manual. This will also prevent the workbook from recalculating values, which may make the file accessible. For that,

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Click & # 39;File & # 39; in the Excel ribbon bar and choose the "New" option in the left menu.

Select the "empty" workbook. When the new Excel workbook opens, choose the newFile'Menu and this time select'The options"

We found a problem with content in the filename.xlsx error in Excel

Here under 'formulas"Category, select"Manual'In Calculation Options and click D & # 39; agreement.

Close the & # 39;The options'Back to Excel file, click File menu again and choose "Open"

Then, navigate to the corrupt workbook, and then double-click to open it.

2) Copy XLS to remove an unreadable content error

When you get "We found a problem with content in "Error message, you also see another prompt asking for your permission to try to recover as much as possible? If you trust the source of the workbook, you can continue by clicking & # 39;Yes& # 39; button.

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Then, when you try to open an Excel workbook, try to make it "read-only" to recover all its contents.

Follow the steps

  1. Open the Excel workbook in 'reading only'Mode> try to copy all its contents.
  2. Once done, create a new workbook and paste all the contents of the corrupted file that you just copied into the new file.

In most cases, this trick works!

If the methods above do not give the desired results, you can switch to file recovery mode as a last resort.

3) Switch to file recovery mode

Click the File> Open menu.

Navigate to the location where the corrupted or damaged file is saved. Click on it.

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When the dialog box appears, click the drop-down arrow next to "Open'Option.

Here, select 'Open and repair » option.

Similarly, if you want to retrieve data from the workbook> choose Retrieve Data. This will extract the formula and possible values ​​from the workbook.

Once done, you will receive a confirmation message.

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