What is the RCP components app on Android devices?

Many users are wondering what is the Application of RCP components? Let's try to understand it. RCP is the rich client platform. It is a tool for developing and integrating independent software components. Most data processing takes place on the client side.

Quickly, using RCP components, software developers can write software tools and create their own applications using platforms, devices and, for example, existing smartphones. This facilitates and speeds up the creation of different types of applications. In fact, using ready and tested units is more efficient than writing original codes, testing tools, and finally having a stand-alone application. Another benefit is the increasing compatibility of RCP applications with devices through the use of a common API. Independent software modules are integrated by simple mouse click. It allows you to link graphical interfaces, texts, databases, use and launch geolocation services and maps. The developers say that applications created with RCP are portable on many operating systems. As a result, CPR applications will be launched on different devices. For example, known applications with open code, such as Eclipse, NetBeans and Spring Framework СКТ for Java.

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