There was a problem communicating with Google Servers in Play Store

Any Android device owner regularly uses Google Play. Yet sometimes he makes surprises that ruin all plans. So, recently, on the Google Play technical support forum, there have been a lot of reports of “There was a problem communicating with Google servers” mistake when we tried to connect.

Technical support service technicians think that one cause of the problem could be an incompatibility – the date and time set up in the device and the expiration date of Google Certificates. In this case, simply set the appropriate time zone and manually use the time provided by the network or input data.

The same support service provides two other probable causes of the problem. Apparently, the error could be due to suppliers, ie Malfunction of DNS servers. If we use Wi-Fi for the Internet, specialists advise entering as DNS servers in Settings. You can change the endpoint or use 3G but Wi-Fi. This can be useful if the error is due to the network.

To solve the problem, some users use generic methods like Clear cache and data. It is worth to try. Delete and then add the Google Account or get a new one. We have already discussed how to do it on our pages.

If only it was so easy! Apparently, technical support suggestions and generic methods do not work for everyone. This error occurs not only when using Google Play, but also when running YouTube and other services and applications. After testing the problem thoroughly, they discovered that the error had occurred in case of virus, which infected the device in question. The virus interfered with and changed the host file records. Thus, the address contained in this file has been corrupted. As a result, the device attempts to reach the Google server through a modified IP address that causes an error.

Until now, two methods have been discovered repair the hosts file correctly. Always to correct the address, you have to get Android root access.

Method 1. To edit the hosts file manually.

    1. Install Root Explorer and your favorite text editor;

    1. Open Root Explorer and allow the application to have root access;

    1. Go to the folder “root / etc”;

    1. Press “R / W Mount” at the top of the screen;

    1. Open the hosts file in the available text editor.

    1. Delete the content and save the file;

  1. Restart your device.

Method 2. Clear the hosts with Lucky Patcher

    1. Install and launch Lucky Patcher;

    1. Open it and select “Block announcement”;

    1. In the drop-down menu, select “Clear hosts file”;

  1. Restart your device and the hosts file will be restored. Then the device will send the correct IP address to the Google server.

If you know of other ways to handle “There was a communication problem with Google Servers” in the Play Store error, please let us know. Your method will probably be the most effective for some of our readers.

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