Windows 11

Windows 11

A first version of Windows 11 was recently leaked, and here are the five big changes we can expect with this update that should get you excited.

From the leaked version you can see the 5 major changes in Windows 11

Windows 10 is considered the latest version of Windows, but it doesn’t appear to be the case at this time. After more and more rumors about the first version of Windows 11, we were able to understand this Windows 11 Build 21996 and better understand the future of Windows.

Multiple sources have confirmed that this construction is legal. Because running this version on the host is still a bit risky. I decided to use this ISO to run a virtual machine and gave Windows 11 a try. After a closer look, here is my look at five Windows 11 features that should be of interest to everyone: Slightly new aesthetics: new icons , rounded corners. Major versions of Windows will always see design revisions, even though Microsoft has buried a lot of older versions. Windows 11 is still the case, it has a lot of appearance changes.

Here's Windows 11: it looks like Sh * t -

There are a few small design cues here and there that make Windows 11 look slightly updated. It’s worth noting that many of these design changes come from Windows 10X, which is a never-before-seen version of Windows, and Microsoft recently announced the discontinuation. We have a new Windows logo, that’s okay. After entering the office, you will see that we have a new set of icons.

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The order is also completely new. More space between library folder icons, menu items, and rounded corners. The latter is also displayed in other parts of the user interface. The task view has also been redesigned: several areas of the desktop appear below and appear cleaner. Other appearance changes include new sounds, including turning ringtones on and off. The action center now looks cleaner.

The new window adjustment system is an important functional addition to the aesthetic. You can hover your mouse over the “Maximize / Restore” button to place your window in one of the four layouts and provide options for up to four windows. Updated taskbar The Windows taskbar corresponds to the macOS Dock. In Windows 11, the border between them continues to close inward. First of all, the taskbar now centers the icons instead of left-aligning them as we’ve seen for decades. Of course, you can change the left alignment of the symbol in the classic way. This is not the only change in the system tray.

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By default, the taskbar is now higher and I can’t find a way to adjust its height. It no longer provides you with a classic menu, but shows you a unique way to navigate to system tray settings. At least one feature that seems to be missing in this version of Windows 11 is the ability to lock / unlock the system tray, which is now locked by default, and there is no local way to unlock it to adjust its position. in height. on the screen.

The taskbar is always at the bottom. Improved Start Menu Another iconic Windows item is the Start menu, and in Windows 11 we’ll have another version. You now have apps pinned to the top, and you can create multiple pages for them. You can switch to all tabs of the application by clicking the button. Below is the Recommended tab, which is a combination of recommended and recently used apps and files. While reinstalling, I saw the OneNote file in OneDrive. There is also a ‘learn more’ option that can be added to this list.

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Five quiet but important changes in Windows 11 -

The account menu and the energy menu are located below. The new start menu is in fact a rearrangement of the old elements, only one button is missing: Live Tiles. Live Tiling is a feature from Microsoft Zune to Windows Phone to Windows 8, but it seems to be missing in this version of Windows 11. While I’m not a huge fan of dynamic tiles, this is an obvious flaw. However, you don’t have to worry too much about these changes. Go back to the old Start menu from this version of Windows 11, and it will likely stay the same in the final version.

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