How to fix emails that are stuck in the Outbox of Outlook

Send emails that are stuck in Outlook Outbox

Sometimes we notice that an email that we sent a few hours ago still exists in the outbox. It was not sent at all. In this case, try the following tips to fix the messages that, without knowing it, get stuck in the Outlook Outbox. The first thing you should try is to close and restart Outlook and see if the email disappears. If not, some of these tips will help you.

Send blocked emails in Outlook Outbox

The emails you send can get stuck in Outlook’s Outbox for several reasons. For example, you could have opened and closed the email while it was in your Outbox instead of opening and sending it.

This action can change the status of the email and therefore prevent it from sending via. In addition, messaging properties such as “AT‘and’material“Change from a configured font to a standard font and the status sent is replaced by”No“.

To send the email, double-click it and click the “To send‘button.

Second, an email can get stuck in the Outlook outbox if a very large attachment is added. In such circumstances, the email provider can block the email with an attachment larger than the size it specifies.

Send blocked emails in Outlook Outbox

For general email performance, it is not recommended not to send emails larger than 2MB. So when you try to send the email and double click on it you get an error message saying-

Sorry, we are having trouble opening this item, it may be temporary but if you see it again you may want to restart Outlook. Outlook has already started to transmit this message ”.

This has been happening since then, Outlook tries to send the email to the Outbox. So when you double-click the email, you can’t open or delete it. To resolve this issue, you must disconnect your Outlook from the mail server. This will prevent it from trying to send your email and thus show the error. So to do this:

  1. Access Outlook preferences
  2. Drag the email to Drafts
  3. Save the attachment in a network location

1]Access Outlook preferences

Outlook Outbox

Go to ‘Send receive ‘ tab and choose “Work offline“From” buttonpreferences‘section.

Now when you double click on the email and still receive an error message, do the following.

Drag the email to Drafts

Close Outlook, sign out of Windows, sign back in to Windows, and start Outlook.

Now click and hold the email, drag it to “Drafts“.

Come back to ‘Send receive“And click on the button”Work offline‘button.

3]Save the attachment in a network location

Click the ‘Drafts’And double-click the email you saved earlier.

Right-click on the attachment and choose “Save as“.

Save the attachment to a network location and copy the file path to the network location.

Return to the email and select “DoughThe “tab. This will paste the file path into the body of the email message.

Here, right-click the attachment again and choose “Remove»To remove it from the email.

When done, press ‘To send“.

This way you can fix the blocked messages in the outbox and send them.

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  1. Dan Stapleton says:

    Tried ALL of these fixes and none work. Replaced Office 2019 with Office 2021 and problem persists. Microsoft says this is a duplicate comment but Microsoft will not help me fix it

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