Wireless Headset Manufacturers

Wireless headset manufacturers

True wireless headphones have come a long way, but it’s still hard to find headphones that don’t fall out. Why hasn’t this been fixed already?

Why are more and more wireless headphone manufacturers not afraid to keep them in their ears?

If you want to buy a smartphone in 2022, you probably have a true wireless headset. to have. He feels compelled to follow suit. The benefits of being completely wireless are obvious: a compact size, less footprint, and no need to plug in anything other than charging (unless you have a wireless charging case). In all of these competitions, many manufacturers fail to solve a recurring problem: leaving earplugs in human ears. the

AirPods exemplify this problem better than many other products, which is a bit ironic given their popularity. The basic model comes in a simple and universal format suitable for many people, but not for everyone. Even though they are relatively compact, AirPods are known to be easy to set up. For example, if you are pushed onto a train, overturn it. This also makes them particularly unfavorable for exercise. Sometimes you’ll see people using them for running or lifting weights, but they’re only a step away from missing, let alone maintaining movements like dangling curls. …

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But let’s not talk about Apple. Most headphones have similar issues, whether they’re as cheap as the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 or as expensive as the Sony WF1000XM4. Rubber tip for better grip. However, in some cases, they’re still not good enough, especially for those who can’t replace the $ 100,300 accessories on a whim.

How do some wireless headsets solve the wear problem?

The only reliable way to catch something is to use a hook. Even if your headphones suddenly hang from the hook, they will stay hooked in your ears until you can put them back on. For fitness enthusiasts, this not only makes Beats Powerbeats one of the top picks, but it’s actually the de facto choice for activities like rock climbing or sit-ups. They are also highly recommended if you use them as your primary headset and don’t risk losing anything. At the same time, the budget can consider the JBL Endurance Peak II, which sacrifices areas like battery life and integration with the Apple ecosystem but is much cheaper.

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The second best alternative to the hook is the fin, which is placed on the inner crease of the ear instead of the outer side. They are less reliable but more elegant and certainly better than nothing. There are better options. For example, the Jaybird Vista 2 and Bose sports headphones. In practice, fins are suitable for all activities except the most dangerous ones.

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The minimalist solution is to use foam instead of rubber as the cutting edge material. The foam adapts to almost any shape of ear, not only provides a firm fit, but also provides a tighter sound seal. However, this can be annoying for some users, and most headphones are not included. Fans tend to choose compliant third-party advice for all popular brands. Probably not a beginner.

Recently, companies such as Apple, Amazon and Sony have experimented with a software solution: knock tests; Their main goal, however, is to improve sound quality and isolation, which may not help keep heads looking better.

Why didn’t hearing aid manufacturers fix the flap?

The main reason hooks and fins are no longer universal is simple: beautiful. The extra bulk can at least get your head out of the gym. In fact, these headphones are often deliberately referred to as “fitness”. If it is not a sporty style, it may conflict with a person’s fashion sense. Additionally, tech companies are often obsessed with creating a look that is as stylish as possible, and practicality is intended. This might be the reason Powerbeats models have hooks, but AirPods don’t. Beats headphones were designed to grab attention, so it doesn’t matter how important they are. If rumors are to be believed, the typical AirPods ‘legs’ are smaller on the AirPods Pro, and they may be reduced or completely gone on the AirPods Pro 2.

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There are other more reasonable reasons why companies can forgo safety seats. Adding a hook usually requires a larger charging case; the most notorious example is Powerbeats Pro, which not only has a weirdly large case, but also prompts the owner to put the bud in it. From a strange angle. Hooks and flaps can cause problems with goggles and masks, and they sometimes get pulled off when someone tries to remove the buttons. No cleaning.

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