Xcode for Windows 10: Easily Download XCode on PC

Xcode for Windows 10: Easily Download XCode on PC

Xcode is a coding software or just an application development software for Apple devices created by Apple Inc. Devices like the iPhone, iPad and MacOS can use software or applications developed using the Xcode. The Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment) can easily analyze the project performed by the user and even identify any errors or problems that may arise due to incorrect logic or syntax. Nevertheless, you can not use the application because you do not have a system under MacOS and you want download Xcode for Windows now.

So, today in this article I am going to help you install Xcode on a Windows PC If it is available and it is not available, it will tell you which are the best alternatives instead of Xcode.

Is Xcode available for Windows?

As it is developed by Apple, this means that it is not officially available for the Windows platform to develop applications and that users can only use it on Mac OS. But, although there are ways to use we can use Xcode on Windows.

Below, in the next point, I will discuss some methods with which you can install the software. Xcode for Windows OS. Just follow the steps I give you and you can install Xcode easily and start developing apps for various Apple devices.

How to install and run Xcode on Windows?

Apple has not yet launched any software or application to use Xcode on Windows and create applications for iPhone, iPad or MacOS. This means that you would need MacOS to run the Xcode software and create your own applications. So, you must first install MacOS on your system and then you can install Xcode for your Windows.

1. Virtual box.

A virtual box is software developed that allows users to use multiple operating systems in a single operating system of a PC. You can use any operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac, whatever you choose. The best use of this application is that you do not need to delete your old operating system.

  • You can download Virtual Box software from right here.
  • Install the software and launch it.
  • Open the operating system that you want to open by using the Add button on the virtual box. But you need to download the Virtual Box image file from this O.S. in your system in advance.
  • After the O.S. is added, you can use the Xcode software to create Apple device applications as you wish.

In addition to Virtual Box, there is another similar software for using multiple operating systems, namely VMWare Player. If you have already installed VMWare, you can use it for install Xcode for Windows.

2. VMWare Reader

The VMware Reader is also identical to Virtual Box and can be used to install any operating system on a single PC and to run multiple operating systems simultaneously. The steps for installing VMware would be the same as for Virtual Box but, for reference, I'll guide you through these simple steps:

  • Download the VMware using the link.
  • Install and launch the software now.
  • You must have already downloaded the operating system image file (MacOS image file for VMware) to your PC.
  • Add the operating system with the help of the add button. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to start using it.

You can now create applications for various Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac or if you are a beginner, you can start learning and creating applications slowly.

3. Start Windows on Mac OS

With this method, you can download and create a bootable drive (such as a USB stick) to install MacOS on your Windows PC. You can use the devices as an external boot drive to use on MacOS (but it must have a large space of more than 16 GB) or you can boot it to your device by keeping or removing your system Windows operating system during the process and installing MacOS.

The whole process can be followed using this link.

Once MacOS is installed using one of the 3 methods mentioned above, you can now download and install the Xcode software on your MacOS.

The link to download Xcode for Windows is right here.

By using these methods, you can download Xcode for Windows 32 bit or 64 bits and use it to develop applications. But an important note – Apple has not yet legalized the use of MacOS in Windows and uses the Xcode in Windows is illegal.

Windows Alternatives for Xcode

Now that we know that Xcode is not officially available for Windows, we can use alternatives instead of Xcode to develop applications for Apple devices.

1. These applications / platforms could help

  • React native – Uses JavaScript to create native mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • Xamarin – It uses the C # language to create mobile apps that you can deploy natively on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.
  • Appcelerator – It can also be used to create native mobile apps with the help of JavaScript.
  • PhoneGap – It builds a hybrid cross-platform mobile application using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Beat – Flutter is a mobile application development framework created by Google to develop applications for Android and iOS.

These are the best alternatives available on the market that can develop applications for Apple and Android and some can also develop for Windows. But their use to develop applications for Apple devices will not be useful because, as a result, you will need the Xcode software to check the application and you will also need an Apple developer. I should add the app on the Apple Store. .

2. Other alternatives

  • Rent the MacOS on a cloud – The cheapest way to use MacOS for those who can not afford the MacOS system, you can use MacOS by renting it via the cloud. You can just google rent MacOS in cloud and there will be a lot of results to help you. Check the site properly before renting the MacOS and pay only. Using this method, you can use MacOS and meet your needs for a short time.
  • Buy a Mac – The best option and last option available is to buy an Apple system and use it to develop applications for Apple devices. The simplest and most legal way for those who can afford the system.

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The Xcode is not available for Windows because Apple has not launched anything yet. Plus, if you really need to install MacOS and use Xcode for Windows then the alternatives are there for your help. For more help, we are here for you and you can comment below and let us know if you have any doubts or questions. You can also indicate below if you find a new method or alternative that can help users to use Xcode on Windows.

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