YouTube Enables AutoPlay Option under Subscription Feeds

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When you open the YouTube app and browse the videos, you may notice that the videos will start playing automatically. Well, this feature is not new and you may all be aware of it. But now, YouTube has expanded this autoplay option to Subscription feed as well as. Now when you browse the channels you have subscribed to, the video starts playing automatically.

This would be in a similar way to what happens in the home stream. However, if you're not a fan of the autoplay feature of this YouTube feature, there is also an option to disable it. But the location and the name of the feature have been completely redesigned. Refer to the instructions below to learn more about the same.

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Automatic playback of videos in subscription feeds

Before going any further, just make sure that in this context, the term "automatic reading" is different from what you might assume. In general, when we talk about the autoplay feature of YouTube, it's about playing the next video from the list at the end of the current video. But in this context, this feature speaks about the automatic playback of video in thumbnails (without sound) while you browse the streams. There has been no change in the old feature. This is the last (YouTube autoplay in subscription feeds) that has witnessed the change and we will discuss it.

Automatic playback of videos in subscription feeds

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In the last Version of YouTube 14.43.55, the ability to automatically play videos has also been introduced in the subscription feeds. You can download this version directly from Play store and try this feature. Just open the YouTube app and go to the Subscriptions tab.

If you continue to scroll through your feeds, the next video will start playing automatically in the thumbnails. In addition, YouTube also offers the option to disable this feature. Let's see how that could be done. However, if you want to block unwanted videos on YouTube, refer to our guide.

Previously, the option was present under Settings > Automatic reading > Automatic reading at home. But now, this feature has been renamed and moved to another location. In addition, this YouTube feature now supports the automatic playback of videos on the home and subscription feeds.

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On the YouTube app, tap the avatar present at the top right. Meeting on Settings > General and select the Muted playback in streams option. You can now press Of Permanently disable this feature. As already mentioned, this feature of YouTube would prevent the automatic playback of video on the streams, ie the house and subscriptions.

That's why we conclude the article on YouTube's introduction of the autoplay feature in subscription feeds. You like this auto-play feature, or you feel rather irritated that each video starts to play automatically in their thumbnails. Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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