10 Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives [Free]

10 Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives [Free]

You do not like Microsoft Visio? Do you want to try something free? Many people are looking for Microsoft Visio alternatives and that's exactly what we've presented to you in this article. We covered 10 best and free Visio alternatives.

If you have never heard of Microsoft Visio, this article will be of great help to you. For those who have no idea of ​​Visio, Visio is a structured drawing software, first acquired by Microsoft in 2000, which has been integrated with Microsoft Office. It is a very robust and adaptable application, suitable for several purposes, but its main purpose is to help users draw flowcharts, control diagrams, presentations and various structured graphic information means. Visio is ideal for creating flowcharts, workflow diagrams, and various other types of graphics. The application allows users to instantly create complex and professional-looking organization charts, and easily integrates with MS PowerPoint or Office documents for easy sharing. If you want to immediately create a diagram, it is likely that you will work on Visio to create your diagram.

Let's move on to alternatives;

Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives

Here are the main alternatives Visio;

1. Your graphics editor

graphic editor could have a particular name, but instead, it's the best of the market. The yWorks application has a solid user interface that allows you to automatically edit and customize your diagrams.

With a large class of diagram elements embedded in the platform, such as shape nodes, edge types, and flowchart symbols, it is very easy to create flow charts, diagrams, and heuristic maps. etc. The application even keeps sending your own content, as well as form templates from Visio files, to create custom item types. YEd also offers an intuitive presentation. Thus, if your chart contains a considerable amount of data, you can automatically restrict the branch areas from the control panel.

2. Google Drawings

Google Drawings seems to have an explanation for many applications of the Microsoft suite, and Visio is not an exemption.

Drawings is a free Internet-based diagramming tool integrated with the same Google Drive Suite, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which allows users to create flowcharts, wired diagrams, concept maps, and maps. other diagrams necessary for your work. Similarly, all of Google's other powerful applications, Drawings, are accessible both as a Web application and as an offline Chrome application in the Web Store, making it simple to manage in any way. moving, worry-free, wherever you are. Their application may not be as powerful as Visio, but with a variety of templates, shapes, arrows, and squiggles, you can easily create your graphics in Google's familiar interface, similar to Google Docs.

3. Pencil project

Have you heard of this one before? Pencil project is a free and free alternative to Microsoft Visio that allows you to map and design diagrams and graphs. In general, Pencil Project is the best user interface for building diagrams and diagrams. It allows to easily trace your task without cluttering you.

This project was last updated in 2001. With a large-scale set of varieties of shapes, lines and other tools, drawing diagrams will never be easier with the Pencil project. You can categorize design shapes and flowcharts using the multitude of tools you use.

4. Dia

Yes it is true that Dia The appearance and exposure are incredibly defined in many ways, as it is well known for free alternatives to large paid apps. The application seems even older than software such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice, which creates a preview because Dia is part of these open source applications. The software was launched for the first time in 1998, nearly twenty years ago, and, honestly, it still has not marked a full version 1.0. its latest update, v0.97.3, released in September 2014. Despite the recorded appearance of Dia, the application remains a sufficient alternative for Visio, especially when you search for a completely free download rather than a hierarchical Web application.

5. Creatively

Creatively, like Gliffy, is another Visio-based web-based application designed to create a perfect organization chart for businesses and classrooms.

Some of the other projects on this list do not look like Creately, because it does its best to keep things simple and easy. Creating the right diagrams and graphics for your next conference will be the most important task of all. The application features a one-click feature that guarantees to make your diagram piece "five times faster (x5)" than is seen by other programs and additionally includes dozens of shapes, pre-defined lines and color palettes ready for use. Creately also highlights a broad category of smart connectors and collaboration tools, allowing you to work safely with designs and graphics.

6. Gliffy

Goofy name aside, Gliffy is a reliable light diagrams software. Unlike OpenOffice and LibreOffice, the application works entirely in your web browser. It uses HTML5 to perform and create a functional diagram adapted to mobile and PC platforms. The web application is very fast, with the ability to drag and drop objects throughout the work area. You can track and cancel any changes within the application itself and set custom theme styles and shades in the application. Gliffy does a really good job in the execution of your task, whether you are decent, professional and fair. You do not have to worry about seeing your graphics too monotonous or messy. And because the app supports Google Drive integration, you can also secure your work while traveling.

10 free alternatives to Visio

In addition to the alternatives above, here is a list of 10 free software programs that you can use to create flowcharts like Visio.

  1. graphic editor
  2. Google drawings
  3. Pencil project
  4. Dia
  5. Creatively
  6. Gliffy
  7. LibreOffice Draw
  8. OpenOffice Draw
  9. LucidChart
  10. Draw.io

Final verdict

Whether you use the latest version of Windows or not, you now have many alternatives for designing your diagrams and graphs. So just download from the list and organize it properly.

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