Surface Laptop 3 vs Surface Laptop 2: Which is better?

The hardware event that Microsoft withheld in early October has been an explosion due to the number of devices announced by the company. One of these devices was the Surface Laptop 3, a dignified upgrade to the Laptop Surface, which in itself was of very good quality.

Now, the big question right now, does the Surface Laptop 3 compare well to its older Surface Laptop 2? Is it better or is it just disappointing? We would not answer this question, but we will certainly provide you with the necessary knowledge to make the decision yourself.

We must emphasize that the Laptop Surface is very different from the Surface Pro. One is more a laptop, while the other is no longer a tablet. However, both are powered by Windows 10 and come with similar hardware features in some cases, at least.

Surface Laptop 3 vs Surface Laptop 2 Comparison

We will cover the following aspects in this comparison:

  1. Design
  2. Size of the screen
  3. Performance
  4. Battery life
  5. The price.

1) Design

The first thing you will notice is the similarity of the design of the two systems. Everything is almost the same, which is why it's not surprising that the size of the Laptop 3 is 12.13 inches x 8.79 inches x 0.57 inches, while the Laptop Surface 2 is 12.13 inches x 8.78 inches x 0.57 inches.

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As you can see, the difference in dimension is so small that it simply does not matter and should never be taken into account in your decision making when making a purchase .

2) Screen size

Both devices come with a touch screen of 13.5 inches, which is good. The resolution here is set at 2256 x 1504, which is ideal for the proposed size screen. However, unlike the Surface Laptop 2, the new version offers a 15-inch screen option with a resolution of 2496 x 1664.

Fans have long been asking for a larger Laptop Surface, and now they have it, so rejoice.

3) Performance

We all know that one of the most important aspects of a computer is the performance. Microsoft tends to provide in this regard, so as expected, the Laptop Surface 3 is no different from its predecessor, although it is faster.

Here's the thing, the Surface Laptop 2 is just swinging 8e Intel Core processor generation, and that's not bad, to be honest. But we must emphasize that the Laptop Surface is much faster due to the addition of the 10e Intel Core processor generation.

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If you are not an Intel man, the current version of the device also brings the AMD Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 to the table. Keep in mind that you can only get the AMD in a 15 inch version and that is it.

In terms of RAM, you can get 8GB, 16GB or 32GB in the Laptop Surface 3, but the previous version is limited to only 8GB and 16GB. For many users, 8GB are fine, but if you are an advanced user, 16GB and 32GB are the best options.

And storage? Well, you're lucky because you can get between 128, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB for both. Just know that with the Surface Laptop 3, the option is there to replace the storage for something bigger at any time.

4) Battery life

Running your laptop for long periods of time is something we all want to do; therefore, this could be the biggest selling point for anyone. The Surface Laptop 2 can last about 14 hours, while the new laptop, surprisingly, can only reach about 11 hours.

5) The price

When looking at both systems, clearly the Surface Laptop 3 is more expensive because its newest, and the components, for the most part, are better. Now the price starts at $ 999, while the old Surface Laptop 2 starts at $ 899, so you decide.

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In conclusion, Surface Laptop 2 is by no means a bad computer, and we recommend anyone to buy it today because of its price and power. Yes, the Surface Laptop 3 is more powerful, but not much because many professional Windows tools work very well on the older model.

At the same time, if you can afford to get your hands on the Surface Laptop 3, please do so for the sake of sustainability and have the latest hardware.

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