25 Fortnite Mobile Tips and Tricks You Must Know

fortnite mobile tips and tricks
Fortnite is still one of the most played games in the world. Last year, Epic Games integrated Fortnite on mobile devices. The game was recently updated to a new world such as Fortnite Chapter 2. To help you win these victories, we offer the best advice, tips and hidden parameters for Fortnite mobile phones that you must use and know. If you have been looking for 90Hz or 120Hz games, here are some of the best high powered android games for you.

If you're interested in games like Fornite Mobile, take a look at these best games of Battle Royale for Android in 2020. So, without further ado, check out the best tips for Fortnite cell phones to win these epic victories.

25 Tips and Settings from Fortnite Mobile

1. Rearrange your HUD

Mounting the Fortnite HUD

Another good Fortnite tip is to rearrange the buttons on the screen / the HUD. Improving the layout of your orders on the screen would greatly improve your reaction and speed of construction. You can play using the 'claw technique', which involves using 3 or 4 fingers to control your character in the game. This method is much better than playing only with your thumbs because you could build faster and improve your game. moment.

2. Use a controller

Unlike PUBG Mobile, which does not officially support controllers, Fortnite Mobile players can use controllers to play. Just about all Bluetooth controllers are supported as long as they can be connected to your smartphone. A physical controller offers a much better gaming experience and in-game control than virtual buttons. A controller would allow you to easily and quickly perform multiple tasks at once.

Fortnite Mobile requires a lot of multitasking tasks – Build, Move, Shoot, Aim and Jump. Thus, playing with a controller would give you a considerable advantage over those who play via the touch screen controls.

3. Make sure to wear earphones

Here is some apparently obvious advice, but some players are completely unaware of it. Sound is an extremely useful tool when playing a shooter title. A pair of good quality headphones or earphones would allow you to detect enemy movements close to you. Of course, you can see traces of the nearby enemy on the mini-map, but this does not replace the spatial awareness provided by the headphones.

Not only would the sound warn you of steps, but you could also hear the enemy's shots from a distance. This would allow you to make the decision to fight or leave the area.

4. Adjust the sensitivity

Fortnite sensitivity settings

The default sensitivity of Fortnite is ideal for new users who have just started playing. However, you can change the sensitivity to better control your movements. By default, you would have to slide a lot to turn 180 or 360 degrees. This means that your reaction time would be significantly reduced in case you need to quickly engage an enemy right behind you. You must change these Fortnite settings to get the most out of the game.

5. Keep an eye on visual cues

To make the game a little easier for mobile players, Fortnite has added some visual cues. These small icons appear to alert players of footsteps or nearby enemy shots. Always keep an eye on these visual cues to become aware of your surroundings. This Fortnite tip is also extremely useful in cases where you can not use headphones to play.

6. Familiarize yourself with the map

Our next Fortnite mobile advice is to become familiar with the application of the battlefield. released a new update for the game that brought a new card and a ton of changes to the game. If you're new to Fortnite, this Fortnite trick is probably one of the first things you need to work on. Knowing the best booty locations or hot drops on the map would allow you to develop your own strategies. As a result, you will be able to loot faster and even avoid enemies if you do not want to fight early.

Of course, even if you are a regular Fortnite player, you may need some time to familiarize yourself with the new card. The sooner you learn the presentation of the card, the more you will have more advantage over other novice players.

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7. Stay with your crew

You may be tempted to distance yourself from your crew for a while to recover as much booty as possible. But that could get you and your team out of the match. It would be wise to stay with your crew, especially during the landing. This would allow you and your team to trap other enemy players who might have moved away from their team.

In fact, playing as a team does not only help you during the first minutes of play but also helps you win the game. Starting near the team is not just a Fortnite tip, but a great tip to remember when playing in a team match.

8. Communicate effectively

loud vocal chat

Here is an important tip for Fortnite to remember. Communication is the key to winning a game in the Battle Royale games with a team. Always call when you spot an enemy. This would allow your teammates to focus on the target and help you eliminate them. Legends are essential to win a game, as your entire team would be able to play as a team rather than get rid of their enemies separately.

9. Master the Sniper Lock

In most shooting games, the bolt-on sniper is one of the most powerful weapons to handle. That's true also in Fortnite. It takes a lot of learning to master the bolt sniper in the game and you may have to train a lot. However, once you have determined the fall distance and travel time, you will be able to easily recover these shots to the head. A sniper is extremely useful for eliminating players hidden in towers or moving in an open area.

10. Hide in barrels and haystacks

With the new update, you can now even pinch in tight spaces. It also allows you to hide in places like barrels and haystacks. This is useful when you are trying to escape from an enemy team if you are the only one alive on the team. We suggest, however, that you only hide when absolutely necessary or simply want to have fun. Otherwise, go ahead and destroy the enemies.

11. Use the motor boat

The motor boat is an excellent new addition to the game. This new epic vehicle can be used to maneuver around the water areas on the map. The motor boat even has a reminder that you can use to escape the enemy by speeding up the motorboat.

12. Build faster

build faster fortnite

You can use these Fortnite Mobile building tips to build things faster. Polishing your construction skills in Fortnite would allow you to reap a ton of long-term benefits. The faster you can build, the better your chances of winning the match. Although your aim and your fighting abilities are also important, the quick build would give you a superior tactical advantage over the enemy. Your constructions would help you escape enemy fire and give you the opportunity to immediately go to the offensive.

Unlike other games in the Royal Battle, you do not have to take cover – you build your own cover. It is therefore crucial to master the building skills of the game. You must use this Fortnite Mobile trick to last longer in the game.

13. Know the ranks of weapons

Fortnite has basically 5 ranks of weapons ranging from normal to legendary. It is important to understand the difference between these grades. The better the quality, the more the weapon can be damaged, apart from some other benefits. To make things easier, the notes are marked with 5 colors. Ranked from best to worst, here are the colors you need to keep in mind: yellow, purple, blue, green, gray.

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14. Pick up materials

This trick may seem pretty obvious, but most players often forget to collect enough materials to build structures later in the game. As we have already mentioned, building in Fortnite is a crucial game tactic. For this reason, it is always good to collect enough material by breaking down other structures and objects.

Not having enough resources to build structures in the last moments of the game can cost you a lot. Entering the area would be difficult without construction since enemies could spot you in the open air.

15. Use automatic execution in open areas

Fortnite auto run flip flop

You can use the auto-run function when you are moving in an open area. This would allow you to let your fingers rest or perform other tasks with the finger freed. To use the AutoPlay feature, you only have to double-tap the virtual motion pad. However, be sure to resume manual control of movement when you spot an enemy or you are in a group of buildings.

16. carry enough healing objects

Trying to win the game with only a few items of care may not be impossible, but it will greatly reduce your chances of winning. A good advice would be to take some Medkits with some cans of Slurp Juice. You can also wear bandages, however, they provided the least healing. The bandages are useful for repairing any damage you may suffer during the storm.

17. Watch out for the gold chests

You can skip this Fornite tip if you have played the game many times, as you may already know. However, for beginners, this is good advice to remember. There are gold chests all over the map, which can give you the best loot.

However, you must know your environment to locate these vaults. You will notice a visual cue on the screen when you are near a safe and will also hear a buzz. Just follow the sound and visual indications to locate the chest.

18. Practice in Playground Mode

fortnite game mode

The Playground mode is the perfect place to hone your skills in general. Playground mode lets you move around the map without worrying about your enemies and your elimination. You can check all the weapons in the game and practice shooting each one.

If you're new to Fortnite, use the Playground mode to familiarize yourself with the player's terrain and moves. You can also learn to build faster and put your goal into practice here. You have an hour left before the end of the storm. We suggest you use the Playground mode to master your building technique. This is one of Fortnite Mobile's tips that very few people use.

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19. jump to avoid enemy fire

Jumping at Fortnite is not only there to fly over objects. You can even use this as a tactical move when enemies shoot you. Jumping would make it more difficult for enemies to get shot. This is especially useful if you know that your opponent has a sniper rifle. It would be much more difficult for the player to reach a shot on the head. Fast and unpredictable moments such as jumps are essential to survive in the game.

20. Discover the multiplatform experience

Fortnite is one of the only mobile games that support multi-platform games. If you think you have mastered the game on mobile, then you must consult the game mode cross. From there, you can choose to play against PC and console players. However, you must be in a team or duo. It does not work in solo mode.

Nevertheless, playing against PC players and console would be much more difficult than playing against other mobile players. This Fortnite tip would help you further improve your reaction time and game strategy. If you are someone who also dominates the consoles on your smartphone, we can probably reverse the situation and take some advice from you.

21. Do not stand still

This trick may seem laughable to some, however, it's a mistake that almost everyone commits while playing. Staying still would make you an easy target, so we suggest you move or jump as often as you can. Constant movement would make it difficult for enemies to be shot.

22. Use ADS

ads on hud fortnite

You can throw your weapons at the hip in Fortnite and make a few hits on the enemy. However, you can also use the ADS by pressing the cross-shaped icon in your HUD. This would change your view by zooming to the center of your screen and allowing you to shoot your weapon a little more precisely.

The use of ADS is recommended when you engage with an enemy at medium or long distance. You can even use it at close range, but make sure you do not get stuck on it because you could not move quickly.

23. reduce recoil by crouching down

Here's another great way to control the rollback of your weapons in Fortnite. Just squat down to shoot your weapon more accurately. If you play with 3 or 4 fingers or on a controller, making this move should be relatively easy for you. Squatting also makes you a smaller target for enemies although this limits your movement.

24. Do not carry unnecessary items

Fortnite backpack

Most of us get carried away by looting objects. We tend to take just about anything we think can be useful later. Unfortunately, this only leads to a cluttered backpack. And you would not be able to acquire items you really need, such as cleaning kits and other healing items, as well as ammunition. You have to remember this Fortnite tip to make the most of your limited backpack space in the game. This Fortnite Mobile Tips

25. Double tap to shoot or cultivate continuously

This Fortnite tip is practical most often. You can double-tap the screen to shoot continuously without even having to press the fire button. It also works when you have to exploit materials. The double-tap function is perfect for those who play the game with their thumbs as it allows you to control your movements while shooting automatically.

We hope these Fortnite mobile tips will help you win more victories than before. What is your favorite Battle Royale mobile game right now? Let us know in the comments below. Also, do not hesitate to share a tip that might be useful to you.

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