How to reset App Volume and Device Preferences in Windows 10

How to reset App Volume and Device Preferences in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to control the volumes of individual applications and the speakers or devices that they use. You can choose to keep a lower volume preference for the browser, while the player's music may be different. This means that even if you have set a volume of 100% for the mast volume control, the applications may have different volumes. In this article, we will show you how to reset the volume and device preferences of the application, if you find that they have been damaged.

Reset application volume and device preferences in Windows 10

The reason you would like to reset is that it can be boring. You may have adjusted them to be knowingly or unknowingly lowered, and now you want to restore them by default. Follow the steps to reset the application volume and device preferences.

Volume Device Preferences

  1. Open Windows Settings with the help of WIN + I
  2. Navigate to the system> sound.
  3. Under Advanced Audio Options, click Device Volume and Device Preferences.
  4. The next screen displays the list of applications, including sound preferences.
    • Main volume where you can choose the output and the input
    • Individual applications with volume, output and input.
  5. To reset all apps and device preferences, click the Reset button at the end. When you do this, Windows returns it to its default value. The screen will refresh for one second and it should be back.

Since you are here, if you have problems with a particular application, you can change the volume individually instead of performing a reset.

If you do not find your app in the list, it's because it's not open. You can only change or customize the volume and preferences of the device when they are open. So, if you wish, you can preconfigure the sound settings for all applications in advance.

If you still have problems, I recommend running Audio Troubleshooting. This usually solves the problem unless you have too many connected audio devices.

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