5 Best Comic Book Apps or CBR Readers for Android

5 Best Comic Book Apps or CBR Readers for Android
When the Internet age started, people were looking for ways to read comics online. Now that the Internet is literally in their hands, it is only natural that many people want to read comics on the go. A phone is much smaller, easier to carry, and reading a comic book on it is twice as cheesy. So here are some of the best comics apps on Android. Using these CBR reading apps, you can read comics on your smartphone or tablet.

1. DC Comics – Best DC Comic Book application

They have been the best dog in the industry by margin for over a few decades. Although Marvel has seriously challenged this position recently, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC is still one of the two big names in the industry.

They also have the two most popular superheroes of all time in their pantheon. So there is a good chance that you enjoy reading comics published by DC. The official DC Comics app gives access to the entire back catalog of DC comics. The only criterion is that the book is at least 12 months old. Archives date back 80 years, you can even read historical books like Action Comics # 1 from 1938.

It is a subscription service, so you will pay monthly. Features such as the guided view make it easy to read comics on the phone. In addition, the dark theme and black backgrounds make the application much more pleasing to the eyes.

2. Marvel Unlimited – Best Marvel Comic Book Application

Marvel Unlimited comic book app

Arguably the most popular name in the comic book industry right now, Marvel is on a roll. Whether forced to sell the rights of their popular characters to make billion dollar movies, Marvel's success is undeniable. If you've joined the comic book world in the past two decades, chances are you're more of a Marvel fan.

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Fortunately for you, they also have their own official app. With the exception of the choice of interface colors, Marvel Unlimited looks a lot like the DC Comics app. It covers most, but not all, back issues dating back 50 years. The criterion here is that the comic must be at least 6 months old.

Like DC Comics, it's also a subscription service that you pay for monthly. Before buying a comic, you can also preview the first few pages.

3. Comic Books – Best Comic Book Application

If you're not on either side of the DC vs Marvel divide and love the comics of the two publishers, you don't need two apps and two subscriptions. Comics, by Comixology, is the best cartoon app on Android. Better because it presents comics from Marvel and DC as well as from several other small publishers.

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It allows you to buy single comics, a whole series, or you can just subscribe and get everything. The subscription service is called ComiXology Unlimited. You can read comics online or download comics to read them offline and also has a guided view for easy reading on the phone.

4. CDisplayEx Comic Reader

CDisplayEx cbr reader application

The above comic book apps are great if you exclusively want all of your comics from one source. But what if you already have a ton of digital comics? This is when you will need something like CDisplayEx Comic Reader which is a great CBR reader app for Android. It & #39; s a simple and easy to use application that can read CBR and CBZ files.

The app has all the basic functionality you would expect, such as basic library management, search functionality and preload issues to keep pages flowing quickly and smoothly. There are no advanced features like panel-to-panel display, synchronization, etc. However, it does allow you to connect to a network to download comics. This can come in handy if you store your digital comics on a home server. Since all of the files are downloaded to your phone, you can't exactly read comics online, but offline is always better anyway.

5. ComicRack

comicrack cbr reader android

This cartoon application is intended for those who have a huge collection of comics. It offers better library management features and also allows you to selectively synchronize your files across multiple devices. You can use the Windows app on your PC to manage your library and sync only a few comics to read on your phone when you're on the go.

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The app optimizes file size so you don't run out of space very quickly on your phone. It supports bookmarks and reading lists to make the reading experience a breeze. It's an old app, so it's not as fast, especially on older devices.

With that, I end this article showcasing 5 of the best cartoon apps or CBR readers for Android devices. If you have another great app in mind, let us know.

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