5 Best Hunting Games for Android for the Hunter in You

5 Best Hunting Games for Android for the Hunter in You

Hunting is probably the oldest known sport of humanity. Of course, it was not really a sport at the time, but some are now considering it. You may hate it, you may like it, but it does not seem like it will stop soon. If you do not want to chase sentient beings, but like the idea, a hunting video game might be entertaining you. Here are some of the best hunting games for Android.

1. Big Hunter

As you can probably see from the promotional video, Big Hunter is not a realistic hunting game. It is an arcade in which you play the leader of a tribe who is of course a hunter. You go out to hunt and bring food to your people using various weapons and tactics. There is a scenario that the developers consider impressive, a ranking and some additional elements. It can be fun to waste time in small sessions, but you will not spend much time on it.

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2. Wild hunting

Wild Hunt is one of the best hunting games on Android and this is one of the reasons why it is also popular. It's also a very realistic approach to hunting with real places and real animals. There are a variety of wild animals to hunt in the game. Similarly, the game's locations include various maps of different countries. It also adds extra layers of difficulty such as rain or wind.

Like any free game, you collect and upgrade your weapons, but you can pay to speed up the process. The PvP or player vs. player battle is also a feature of the game.

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3. deer hunter 2020

Deer Hunter 2020 is one of the many Glu games featuring the title. Like Wild Hunt, you have to hunt all kinds of different animals in the world, present in different places from "Alaska to Zimbabwe". The game really strives to be as realistic as possible, with more sophisticated graphics.

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It integrates the integration of Google Play so you earn trophies for your hunts. The goal is to hunt the biggest animals you can find. Although you should also try not to be hunted yourself. Yes, the game also has predators who would like to hunt you, which makes it much more interesting.

4. Dino Hunter

Real animals are fun and there is a great variety too, but you know what's more interesting? Dinosaurs. Dino Hunter takes you to the world of dinosaurs where you can hunt these prehistoric animals. Apart from this, it is a free hunting game typical of the type mentioned above. You get different types of weapons and improvements in the game to help you become a better fighter.

5. Pokemon Go

This is not your typical hunting game and some people might not even consider it a hunting game. But he has somehow all the elements except murder. You roam the world and hunt down Pokémon, not to kill, but to catch. However, there is nothing you probably do not know about the game. You catch pokémons, take part in battles, etc. Although you can not play sitting on your couch, this makes it a more realistic hunting game that many would like.

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