5 Best Ways to Fix Xiaomi Mi Band Doesn't Charge Issue

5 Best Ways to Fix Xiaomi Mi Band Doesn't Charge Issue

You had just bought a new Mi Band, and when you were delighted to use it, you see that it does not turn on. You realize that there is no button to activate it. What to do? When you try to connect the charger, the tape still won’t light up. What is happening? Is your Mi group defective? The chances are much less for that. You just need to correct the problem that Mi Band does not charge, as noted in the post.

Sometimes when you leave the Mi group unused for a month, it completely drains the battery. You will face the charging problem at that time on your Mi Band. Your group will not start easily and you will find that it does not load.

But do not worry. Your Mi Band is not dead. Whether you own the Mi Band 3 or 4, the steps in this article will correct the charging issues on your Mi Band and turn it on.

How to know if the Mi group is recharging

Before you begin the troubleshooting process, you need to know how to tell if the tape is loaded or not. If the Mi Band is on, you will see the charge symbol on your Mi Band as soon as you plug it in.

The Mi strip does not load 1

Now let’s see the solutions to prevent Mi Band from not charging the first time or charging dead Mi Band.

1. Log in correctly

The main reason why Mi Bands does not charge is because of its incorrect position in the charging cable. To resolve this issue, you need to make sure that the rear area aligns properly with the charging cable. The rear cylindrical area should be aligned with the space available in the charging cable. If there is space, Mi Band will not charge.

The Mi strip does not load 2

The Mi strip does not load 3

To avoid this, keep the back of the Mi Band towards you while inserting it into the charging cable so you can see its position. In addition, push it firmly into the charging cable so that it is properly fixed and the connectors of your cable and the Mi Band meet.

2. Stay connected for a while

If you have a new Mi Band that doesn’t turn on or your Mi Band is completely discharged, you should leave it intact for a while (10-30 minutes) after it is properly plugged in. It’s done because the Mi Band is completely discharged. So even if you plug it in, you won’t see any charging symbols quickly. Leaving it charged for a while replenishes the battery.

When this happens, the black Mi Band screen disappears and your group turns on automatically. You will see the charge symbol. Then charge it fully.

Point: In case after 30 minutes the strip does not light up, remove it from the load. Wait 10 to 20 seconds. Then reconnect it to recharge.

3. Clean the charging pins

If the Mi Band still doesn’t charge after following the above solutions, it’s time to get your hands dirty. You must clean the gold contact points of your Mi Band and the charging cable. You can do this with cotton, cloth or a cloth by wiping them on the charging pins. Do this for a while to remove the dust.

The Mi strip does not load 4

You may not see the dust with the naked eye, but it is there. Once you have cleaned it, insert the Mi strip into the charging cable and hopefully it will start to charge normally.

Pro tip: Lightly scrape off the golden load pins with a chisel to remove any deposited material.

4. Change the billing method

If you have connected the charging cable to your PC or any other device, you need to connect it to a phone charger (5V), then charge it. Also, if you are already using a phone charger, try a different charger. You should also try to charge it with another charging cable if it is available with you.

5. Hit Mi Band

Many Mi Band users have suggested that hitting the band has started the charging process. It may sound weird, but Asians would attest that hitting gadgets like remotes and now even fitness groups solves the problem. So, tap or gently press the Mi Band with your fingers while it is connected to the power source.

How long should you charge the Mi Band

If the Mi Band is dead or completely empty, you should charge it for at least 2-3 hours. You will see the full charge symbol on your Mi Band when the charge is complete.

How to check the percentage of battery in the Mi band

To do this, tap the strip to activate it. Swipe up once. You will see the steps. Now swipe right until you see Battery.

The Mi strip does not load 7

Otherwise, open the Mi Fit app and tap Profile at the bottom. You will see the percentage of battery available under your Mi Band.

The Mi strip does not load 5

The Mi strip does not load 6

Point: Learn how to synchronize Mi Band with the Samsung Health app.

How to activate Mi Band after charging

The Mi strip lights up automatically once it is sufficiently charged. You have nothing to do.

How to turn off Mi Band

The Mi bands do not come with any button to activate or deactivate them. They will turn off automatically when the battery is completely discharged.

It’s time to replace

If it is a new group and it does not load even after following the above steps, you must replace it. In case you have any doubts about your Mi Band, you should check its comparison with groups like Samsung Galaxy Fit E and Honor Band 5. You might like one instead.


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Last updated on February 4, 2020

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