6 Tips for Writing High-Quality Research Papers Quickly

6 Tips for Writing High-Quality Research Papers Quickly

The person who said writing articles and essays was fun lied to you. In reality, it’s anything but fun, especially if you’re given a difficult essay to write. In such a scenario, it may seem like even 24 hours is not enough for you to complete it. However, sometimes people don’t have more than an hour to create high quality paper. Now you must be thinking, how is this possible? Well, you can write a high quality essay and article at lightning speed with the help of a few tips. You can also contact https://homeworkmarket.us/ for help from experienced tutors.

You may not have had enough time to practice your writing speed and now you worry about how you will finish your job in time. No problem! Even if you haven’t been able to increase your writing speed, you can successfully complete your essay well ahead of time with detailed planning. If you’re looking for secrets to writing essays super fast, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started!

Understand the subject

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One of the biggest mistakes people usually make in write essays is that they often end up writing an essay that doesn’t make sense and doesn’t answer the question asked. Do not hesitate and ask your teacher to explain the part that is not clear to you.

Asking a question because you didn’t understand its meaning won’t present you as stupid, but you will be stupid if you complete the task without understanding it. In addition, if you ask your doubts, the teacher will think that you are interested and attentive in the class.

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Create a draft with all the points sought

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Be sure to research any topic before writing the essay. Also, creating a draft will be of great help. For example, instead of build a full outline for the whole topic, list all the subheads you want to include in your article, in the same order you plan to write them. Find sources for different topics that you are going to include. Also write down any relevant information you find, then transfer the plan you created onto your essay. Do not start from a blank screen or you may lose track.

Conduct intense research

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After researching the topic and listing the subtitle, you will need to start a thorough search. It may never seem like enough, and you’ll always want to find another source. However, finding that additional source will easily take hours that you could have spent writing instead. Setting a deadline for research hours will help. That being said, if you plan on writing a five-page article, make sure you don’t spend more than 2.5 hours on the entire project, which is no more than thirty minutes on a single page. After you start, if you feel that you will need more information, you can always refer to more sources.

Always focus on quality

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If a particular article is supposed to be 5-6 pages, people generally tend to write more and they end up writing 7 or even 8 pages. We all think it’s good to make the paper too long. However, this is not at all true. Always aim to have five good pages for your paper, rather than seven average quality pages.

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Also, some topics will not need content that is seven long pages long and assigning them five is more than enough. Trying to broaden the topic can dilute your point. When you know you can perform well just by writing a minimum number of pages, why would you want to write more? This will not only waste your effort and time, but it can also be ineffective. Your essay should be good, which means you should always maintain its quality and not focus on quantity.

Select an isolated corner

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Students often have a short attention span and are easily distracted when writing their articles. So even if you plan to complete five pages in an hour, sitting in a lively environment, you will only be able to complete one page and spend the rest of your time scrolling through your social media accounts. Thus, it is advisable to choose an isolated corner where there is no disturbance. In addition, you should never write while sitting on your bed. Use your study table to write homework and only use your bed for sleeping.

Also make sure to put your mobile on DND mode and lock it in one of your drawers. Otherwise, if you have to use your phone to write the essay, be sure to download some apps that ensure that you don’t use any of your social media accounts for a certain amount of time. You should also organize your stationery and supplies before you start writing. Say, your pen ink is finished and you need to go get another pen in the next room. In such a scenario, you will eventually lose your focus. So make sure you have everything close at hand and don’t get up until all your work is done.

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Write the body first

The introduction is the first impression of your article, and coming up with an impressive introduction is quite difficult. Now think of it this way, how can you present your article when you haven’t written anything about it? Therefore, always save the introduction until the end. Until you finish writing the body of your article, don’t start with the introduction. Also, end your article after you have completed the introduction.

Last word

Writing an assignment is quite difficult and adding a time barrier to the equation makes it all the more difficult. However, with a few tips as mentioned above, you will be able to submit high quality assignments on time.

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