Unigram is a Telegram client for Windows 10 PC

Unigram is a Telegram client for Windows 10

I’m sure you must have tried the Telegram app. The cloud-based instant messaging service has more than 400 million active users and its servers are distributed worldwide. The app works well on all smartphones and tablets, but if you are looking for a client to run on your Windows 10 PC, we recommend that you check Unigram.

Unigram – Telegram Client for Windows 10

Unigram is the unofficial Telegram client optimized for Windows 10. It can access Telegram on desktop computers and on Xbox One. In addition, the unofficial Telegram client can create group chats for up to 200,000 members. It is therefore a perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork.

The application has received a major update. Its latest version for Windows 10 offers many new features, including:

  1. Chat folders
  2. Stream videos and audio files
  3. Improved stickers, GIFs and emojis
  4. Improved file sender and multimedia editor
  5. Improved storage optimization

In addition to the improvements above, there are a bunch of bug fixes.

1]Chat folders

Unigram facilitated the organization of discussions in discussion folders. So when you’re bombarded with too many cats, you can organize them in separate folders. Simply create a custom folder with flexible settings or default recommendations. Then right click on a cat in your list and select “Show in folder

You can pin as many cats as you want. There is no limit to the number of chats you can add to each folder.

2]Stream videos and audio files

One of the problems with popular chat apps like WhatsApp is that any audio or video file shared via it should be downloaded first. Only then can these multimedia files be played. With Unigram, this is no longer a problem as it allows its users to play videos and audio files without having to download them.

3]Improved stickers, GIFs and emojis

There is no other way to express your emotions and feelings online than through stickers and GIFs. These stickers and GIFs have been greatly improved in Unigram 4.0 and now appear animated in the sticker panel and results of online robots.

Just scroll downMessageAnd select the GIF option to find quality GIFs covering the most popular emotions. You can click on ‘Trend tabTo find out what were the main reactions of the day.

4]Improved file sender and multimedia editor

When you switch your experience to Unigram 4.0, you will notice that there is a new file sender optimized for Desktop. In addition, there is a new multimedia editor for cropping, rotating, flipping images and drawing them. You can try the editor or just switch to the file sender to send your photos and videos as media, files, or albums. You can also send uncompressed videos and GIFs.

5]Storage optimization screen

Finally, Unigram 4.0 has a new storage optimization screen interface that offers a more refined user experience. Get the app from Microsoft Store.

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Unigram is a Telegram client for Windows 10

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