Best Android Browsers for 2021

Best Android Browsers for 2021

Chrome may be the most popular browser, but it’s not the only one. We bring you our best Android browsers based on speed, privacy, stability, etc.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is one of the best alternatives if you want to avoid Google. It is the best browser for power users and privacy protection.

Invented in 2002, Firefox has been around for some time. For that time he turned out to be one of the best sailors in the world. It’s clean, beautiful, functional, and more user-friendly than the rest of the browsers. It can be customized both in terms of appearance and the number of extensions and plugins you can use. Mozilla has many security features including malware protection and the Do Not Track system. It is also bundled with antivirus software. If you’re looking for a fast, secure, and reliable browser, download Firefox today.


Opera is one of the classic and well-known browsers. No other browser has its combination of high speed, design and user-friendly experience. Opera provides many great features while maintaining a simple interface. These features include a built-in ad blocker, VPN, and custom add-on store. You can also use extensions from the Google Chrome library. If you don’t like the default keyboard shortcuts, you can always customize them in the browser menu. Opera is a high speed browser. It’s faster than most of its rivals but still can’t match Chrome in terms of speed. Opera is also an efficient browser that focuses on using less of your RAM and Internet resources. It combines some of the best features of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. So if you are looking for a high speed browser with lots of built-in features and a simple design, then Opera is for you.

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Vivaldi was first released in 2016, created by a former CEO of Opera. This browser gives its users excellent control over the interface, allowing them to customize it with different themes, fonts and colors. It even features the ability to create shortcuts for your mouse and keyboard, making work faster and smoother. Take into account that Vivaldi effortlessly outperforms the most commonly used browsers, such as Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Working faster, while still using 20% ​​less RAM, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen it over its alternatives.

Microsoft Edge

Originally released in 2017, Microsoft Edge was not a global drummer. It was not originally downloadable from the Google Play Store and was only available for Windows Insiders. At first it had a lot of problems and the rendering quality was lower than that of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But in 2018, Microsoft decided to ditch EdgeHtml and build it on Chromium, Google Chrome’s open-source framework. It was released in January 2020 and has become one of the browser’s biggest competitors in the market. The user-friendliness of the browser is almost unmatched. The mobile browser controls stay at the bottom of the screen and in that aspect it’s more convenient than Chrome which keeps its controls above. The quality of the rendering has made a big leap compared to ancient times. Performance levels have skyrocketed to match the top dogs in the browser market. Since Edge uses the Google Chromes engine, its security standards don’t differ too much. As a whole, although it is only in the beta development phase, the Microsoft Edge browser for Android can be considered a worthy opponent of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Samsung Internet Browser

Another great alternative to Google Chrome is the built-in Samsung Internet browser. The browser is preinstalled on Samsung Galaxy phones, and if you are using another manufacturer’s product, you can still install it from the Play Store. The interface is simple and you receive a list of recent sites while also getting an interchangeable news feed based on your interests. Perhaps the best feature of the browser is that you can install an ad blocker. The toolbar is located at the bottom, which facilitates maneuvering. Samsung has ensured that the browser is accessible to a lot of extensions, unlike Chrome. It also consumes a lot less battery than its Google counterpart, so that’s an aspect to consider.

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The Brave browser is a good choice if you want to surf the internet privately and securely. In terms of engine characteristics, there is nothing special. It uses Blink, so it’s not much different from Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, etc. The real game changer here is its levels of security and privacy. Brave blocks almost all trackers that might feed you with ads. In terms of performance, it’s amazing. Research shows that the browser loads major sites up to 6 times faster than its competitors. Brave also comes with a built-in wallet where you can safely keep your cryptocurrencies. Because it’s based on Chromium, you get easy access to the Google Play Store, where you can get different extensions.

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