7 Pro Tips to Use Microsoft Word Efficiently

microsoft word tips
If you have been working with Microsoft Word for a very long time, you may find my helpful tips for making your work in Word even faster. Let's see these useful tips, but before that, you also want to check out these best text editors for Android.

7 tips on Microsoft Word Pro

Microsoft Word is the most essential and necessary tool for No matter what office work. And the number of functions he owns will shock anyone. We've selected seven tips to simplify your work with Word and automate some routine tasks.

  1. How to save documents in SkyDrive

When creating Word documents, you need to determine where it is more convenient to store them. The Windows Live SkyDrive service is one of the most convenient file storage solutions. If you do not have a SkyDrive account yet, you can get it for free at Office.live.com.

After accessing the service, you can add Word documents and other documents. To do this, in the service itself, click on "Add Files". Specify the folder in which you want to save them. Select the "My Documents" folder (you can also create a new folder). You can now drag documents into a single small square or select them on a computer. Select your document and click on the "Open" button.

When the document is loaded, click the "Continue" button. The document appears in the My Documents folder in the list view. If you click on a record, functions are displayed on the right to allow you to edit the document in the browser, open it with the help of Microsoft Word or perform many other tasks. other operations, including sharing.

  1. How to crop images

If you still work with different images in documents, you can crop them to the original shape. To do this, select the image, go to the "Format" tab, click on the "Crop" button arrow, then select "Crop Shape". Here you can choose the shape of your choice. Here's how to draw attention to the image by reframing it. The application has a complete list of varied features. If you want to take advantage of the classic program for office work, look for Microsoft Word free download online and start managing all documents with advanced features.

  1. How to use the zoom with the mouse

If, during Word document management, you need to quickly increase the objects in the document, then hold down the Ctrl key and turn the mouse wheel forward to enlarge them. To minimize the objects, hold down the Ctrl key again and scroll the mouse wheel to the back. If you select a separate object, you can only increase it, and the same goes for the text. Thus, using the Ctrl key and the mouse wheel, you can increase or decrease the objects of the document.

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  1. How to select and edit text

If you want to make changes to a Word document, you must select the items to replace. Therefore, I want to remind you of several selection methods that are convenient to use. First, select a large block of text by holding and moving the mouse cursor. Maybe this method is already known to you. However, you can still find unpublished information on popular apps on Rocketfiles, if you are looking for additional knowledge.

You can also select any word by double-clicking it. Double-click and the word is highlighted. You can also click three times in succession (triple-click) to select an entire paragraph. There are also unconventional isolation methods.

  1. How to hide / show the command line

Sometimes, to improve the document, it is necessary to widen the workspace as much as possible. This can be done by hiding the command line. Press Ctrl + F1 to hide the stream. To put the line back in place, press Ctrl + F1 again.

You can also hide the commands by double-clicking on any tab except for the File tab. Double-click again to put the tape back in place. When the line is hidden, you can still use it. Just click on one of the tabs. After selecting the desired item, the band is hidden again.

  1. How to repeat the previous command

A convenient feature that allows you to duplicate the last order. If you press F4, Word will repeat the previous command you made. This can be text input, sequential deletion of multiple lines, application of styles for different text segments, etc.

  1. How to move and select a large piece of text

If you need to quickly select a large piece of text, position the cursor at its beginning and Shift-click at the end of the fragment. Save time and nerves in situations where you need to select multiple sheets at a time.

I will finish here my article of 7 professional Microsoft Word tips. Should have another tip in mind, please let us know via comments!

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