How to make Microsoft Edge launch with Previous Tabs opened

Edge Open Previous Tabs

Many times, we close the Edge browser without waiting and forget that there were few critical pages on which you should have put bookmarks. Although you can do it, it's hard to get them all. In this article, we will show how you can open the previous tabs that you opened when you last closed Microsoft Edge. This will ensure you start exactly from where you left.

Launch Microsoft Edge with previous open tabs

You can use one of the methods to make sure Edge opens with previous sessions, which you close each time.

  1. Use edge settings
  2. Group Policy

Both settings have the same effect, but later is useful when you want to deploy it to multiple computers.

1) Use edge settings

For the Edge browser to open with all previous open tabs:

  1. Open Edge and click on the three points at the top left.
  2. Then click Settings
  3. Turn on Startup, and select the radio button that says – Continue where you left it.
  4. Exit.

The next time you launch Edge, it will work as expected.

2) Configuring Group Policy

Configure Microsoft Edge to open with the previous page

  • Open the Group Policy Editor by typing gpedit.msc into the prompt and then pressing the Enter key.
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Microsoft Edge
  • Locate the "Configure Open Microsoft Edge with" policy and double-click it to open it.
  • Click On and then choose Previous Pages from the drop-down menu.

You can also edit the following:

  • Start Page: The start page loads by ignoring the Configure Startup Pages policy.
  • New tab page: The New tab page loads ignoring the Configure Start Pages policy.
  • One or more specific pages: The URL (s) specified with the loading of the Configure Start Pages policy.

You can also configure two other policies. One is Disable Start Page Lock, which ensures that startup pages configured in the Configure Startup Pages policy can not be changed and remain locked. The second is to configure startup pages on which you can set default startup pages.

How to prevent Microsoft Edge from reopening previous tabs

If you want to prevent Microsoft Edge from reopening previous tabs, you must select in the Edge settings Open a new tab on the boot option.

We hope that the tutorial was easy to understand and that you could start Microsoft Edge open with the previous tabs.

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