9 Best Ways to Solve Messenger Not Working on iPhone

9 Best Ways to Solve Messenger Not Working on iPhone

More than 2.7 billion people are using Facebook Messenger despite growing concerns over privacy. It is likely that most people you know are on Messenger. This makes it a popular platform to communicate and keep in touch. Everything is fine until Messenger stops working on your iPhone.

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Different users have reported experiencing various problems with Messenger over the years. Some common complaints are application crashes, the inability to send or receive messages, the freezing of applications and so on. We have identified some useful ways to resolve these errors and will deal with them in this article. Try each solution until it is resolved.

1. Update the iOS

iOS is a fluid mobile operating system and, for the most part, works perfectly. However, it is not free of bugs, so it is wise to update its latest version. Apple makes it easy to update your operating system. Open the settings and tap General under Software Update.

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This is where you can search for new updates. There is also an option for automatic updates that you can switch to.

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Restart your phone and check again.

2. Close applications in the background

Depending on the make and model of your iPhone and the number of apps open in the background, your iPhone may have a memory problem. Not enough RAM to support the functions of another open application. Especially Messenger, which consumes a lot of resources. Close all other applications to free resources and try using Messenger again.

3. Restart Messenger

A simple trick can sometimes help. Because there is no way to clear the cache or data in iPhones, as we can do on Androids, we will just close the application and restart it again . If your iPhone has a physical home button, double-tap it to view all open apps. Swipe up on an app to close it.

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If there is no home button, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to view all open applications, long-press Messenger to display an icon. ' – red, then press it to close it.

4. Restart the iPhone

There are two ways to restart your iPhone. One is the usual way to press the Lock / Power button until the 'Drag To Shutdown' option appears. The second way is to make a difficult restart. Again, if you are using an older model with the Home button, simultaneously press and hold the Power and Home buttons until the Apple logo is displayed. flashes on the screen. Can take up to 10 seconds.

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If you use a newer model, the steps vary slightly. Press the volume up button once, press the volume down button once and finally hold down the power button until the iPhone restarts. and that the familiar Apple logo is displayed.

Try a hard reboot if the usual reboot method does not solve the problem that does not work with Messenger.

5. Down Detector

Several services belonging to Facebook have experienced a breakdown in the past. Messenger is not different. Down Detector is a useful site to check if Messenger, or one of the hundreds of services offered, is down.

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Just click on the link below and check the map. You can also filter by country on the right. It also presents a list of all the periods that Messenger had broken down in the past. It happened last week alone. There is also a live fault card.

6. Logout and return

Bummer. Messenger does not have the option to disconnect. Facebook does not want you to leave their platform, but it's not the right way. You will need to open the Facebook app or visit the site instead.

In the app, click on the menu icon at the bottom right and tap Settings to display a drop down menu. Select Settings here. Tap Security and log in under the Security header.

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You will now see a list of all the places where you are connected to Facebook and Messenger. Tap the menu icon to the right to select the Logout option next to the Messenger entry.

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Facebook has made it incredibly difficult to perform a function as simple as disconnecting an application. It's not cool.

7. Reinstall Messenger

Files associated with Messenger may be corrupted. There is no way to know for sure, that's why the whole process calls for trouble shooting! Long press the Messenger icon until it starts to shake. This animation always seemed weird.

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Tap the small "x" icon to uninstall the application. Go to the App Store and download Messenger again. Note that you will need to reconnect. Reinstalling Messenger will also update it with the latest version, which can also help eliminate known bugs.

8. Reset network settings

Do you have a stable internet connection? Is your data plan exhausted and Wi-Fi running? Cool. I guess you have already checked these things. That's why I recommend you reset your network settings. Because it will reset everything to the default settings. Resetting network settings also helps to troubleshoot network issues. Note that all saved Wi-Fi passwords will be deleted, so it is best to write them down first in a safe place.

Open Settings and press Reset under General.

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Tap Reset Network Settings Here and enter the code if requested. Rewrite your Wi-Fi password and launch Messenger to see if it's working properly again.

9. Messenger Lite

Have you ever tried? Messenger Lite provides pretty much the same experience, but in a smaller package. He consumes fewer resources than his big brother. Read our comparison Facebook Messenger vs Messenger Lite to learn more about the differences.

Do not kill the messenger

Facebook Messenger can be addictive, especially with all the games and other features on offer. This makes it even more frustrating when the application suddenly stops working. Hope that one of the above solutions worked for you.

How long would you stay on Messenger? Facebook admitted to having hired thousands of people to listen to shared audio conversations via the Messenger.

Then: Messenger is not the only way to stay in touch with others. Check out this in-depth comparison between Messenger and Skype.

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