Add Sound to PrntScrn Key and enable Alert for Screenshots in Windows 10

You can add sound to print screen key so that every time you press it to capture screen sound, it will make noise on your Windows 10 PC. Now you don’t need to. run special program or software to capture your desktop. Press the Print Screen key and Windows will capture a screenshot and save it. If you want to create a sound alert for the screenshots you take, you can do that easily.

Add sound to the PrntScrn key

Sometimes, it is difficult to confirm whether the desired screen space has been entered when the screen blinks for a while and then suddenly disappears. If you miss it, the only way to verify it is to access it.Checked in‘location. It is a long and tedious process. Fortunately, you can shorten this process by simply creating an audible alert for the screenshots taken. Follow these steps.

hurry Win + R in combination to open the “Run‘ dialog box.

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In the Empty field of the box, enter “Regedit»And press Enter.

Then when Registry Editor opens, navigate to the following path address –


Right click on “Default“And select”New’ > “Key’.

Assign the key, the following name – “Instantaneous“.

Exit Registyr.

Enable sound alert for screenshots in Windows 10

Again, open the ‘Run“Dialog box, enter the following and press”Enter“:

rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL mmsys.cpl ,2

Now scroll down the “The Windows’ events visible in the list of program events and search for the “Notifications » Entrance.

Find ‘Instantaneous‘below.

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Once found, click on it and open the “Sounds‘ scrolling menu.

Select one of the preset sounds. If you want to set any customization, download it and convert it to WAV format and select it from the list.

When finished, click on “Apply‘button.

Subsequently, when you press the “PrntScrn “ button, the sound will be played, indicating that the screenshot was taken and saved to the desired location.

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Add sound to the PrntScrn key

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