How to convert a file to PDF with CutePDF for Windows 10

How to convert a file to PDF with CutePDF for Windows 10

Converting documents or any file to PDF is easier than ever because of the number of tools available for this purpose. Even Microsoft Word is able to convert documents to PDF, but that's not what we're going to talk about today. Instead, let's look at a tool called CutePDF designed for this purpose, with the conversion of images, text, etc., of course.

How to convert a file to PDF

After the download CutePDF Writerduring the installation attempt, the user should see a message indicating the PS2PDF converter is necessary for the program to work. If it has not been installed yet, click the Yes button.

Once the task is complete and CutePDF is now installed on your Windows 10 computer, now is the time to see if it's worth it, compared to similar tools also available for free on the Web.

Note that the software installs itself as a printer subsystem. Therefore, do not expect a graphical user interface in which you can make important changes and display pretty icons.

How to use CutePDF Writer

CutePDF Writer installs as a "printer subsystem". This allows virtually any Windows application to convert a printable file into professional-quality PDF documents. With the following information, you will learn how to use CutePDF to the best of your abilities:

  1. Convert text to PDF
  2. Save the image as a PDF
  3. Manage CutePDF
  4. Convert using Word and PDF

Let us go into more details.

1) Convert text to PDF

If you want to convert your text document to PDF via Notepad, we suggest you start Notepad, type your text, then click File, then Print. From there, we should see CutePDF Writer as the default option for printing. Select it, and then click Print.

After that, it should now be possible to save the text document from the Notepad as a PDF file that can be opened easily in any PDF reader.

2) Save the image as PDF

convert a file to PDF with CutePDF

For whatever reason, you may need to save an image or a few in PDF format, and this can be done very easily with CutePDF.

We now want to recommend users to open their favorite image in the Photos application and then click on the Printer icon in the upper right. From there, you will need to select CutePDF Writer under Printer, click the Print button, and save as PDF when the option appears.

3) Manage CutePDF

The next step is to manage CutePDF if you want to make some changes to its operation. To do this, click the Windows key + I to launch the Settings menu. From there, select Devices> Printers and Scanners, and then click CutePDF Writer.

You now want to select Manage> Print Preferences. In this section, the user must find several options designed to modify the output of a converted document. The options are not vast, but do they have to be? For us, they are more than enough.

Once you've made the changes, click the OK button and you're done. You can download CutePDF Writer from official site.

4) Convert using Word and PDF

In order to convert your first document with Microsoft Word, please launch the Word document in question.

Then click File> Printer, and in the new window, be sure to select CutePDF as your printer of choice.

Finally, click the Print button and, from there, save the PDF document anywhere on your computer, and this is for conversion.

As you can see, the whole process is extremely simple and can take less than 30 seconds.

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