Android 11 Brings Automatic Dark Mode Scheduling

Android 11 brings automatic dark mode planning

In case you haven’t heard of it, the first preview of the Android 11 developer is out. Along with that, Google has also released a schedule for the development of Android 11. Most of the changes are not so noticeable as it is a very early version. This is historically the first release by Google of an overview for developers. There are, however, some important new features in Android 11. Finally, one of them is the automatic programming of the dark mode.

After being in development for at least 2 years, the system-wide dark mode was finally available in Android 10. The implementation seemed, however, half done. Not because parts of the operating system weren’t dark yet. Instead, it was simply the absence of automatic dark mode planning. Both macOS and iOS have functionality and it’s really handy. Not everyone is a fan of dark themes but can still find it useful in the dark.

If you belong to this group, you could often find yourself looking for the dark mode whenever you are in a darker environment. And then you search for the scale again when you are in a brighter environment. For many of us, it will usually go to bed at night and then get out of bed during the day. This is why an automatic dark mode program makes sense.

Enable automatic dark mode scheduling in Android 11

In Android 11, we finally get automatic dark mode scheduling. And activation is quite easy. It is placed where you normally find the dark theme option in the Settings app. In case you don’t know, it’s settings > Pin up. Here you will find the Dark theme setting and a toggle next to it. Press the Dark theme text, not the toggle.

Then press Program and select one of the available options. You can set the dark theme to turn it on at sunset, then turn it off at sunrise. It is not ideal for everyone. Fortunately, there is also an option to schedule automatic dark mode at a custom time of your choice.

However, not everyone has the Android 11 developer preview. Not everyone could even get the Android 11 update this year, or not at all. Thanks to problem-solving developers, you can also get automatic dark mode scheduling on Android 10.

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