How to permanently delete Yahoo account

How to delete Yahoo account

The days are past when Yahoo mail was the most popular courier service in the world. If you do not use this email account anymore, you may want to permanently delete your Yahoo account. The steps are pretty easy to follow since Yahoo offers a dedicated page to understand the terms and disable or delete your account completely.

How to delete a Yahoo account

To delete your Yahoo account, you must follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo account
  2. Open the Yahoo Privacy Dashboard
  3. Tap the Delete Account button.
  4. Read the text
  5. Confirm the termination of the Yahoo account.

The detailed steps are mentioned below so that you can finish the job easily.

First, you have to open the Yahoo Privacy Dashboard page in your browser. It will ask you to enter the account credentials to verify your account. After that you will see this sign-

Click on Continue to delete my account button. On the next page, you must enter your e-mail address again.

Do this and click on the Yes, cancel this account button. Finally, you can find a message like this

How to delete a Yahoo account

Please note that your account will not be deleted instantly. Yahoo keeps the account for about 30 days. However, if you are from India, New Zealand and Australia, Yahoo can store it for 90 days. If you come from Brazil, Taiwan and Hong Kong, they can keep it for about 180 days.

Once the request is submitted, you will find an email on your recovery email ID.

You should know that Yahoo may retain certain data even after you delete your account. It is recommended to read the privacy page to know everything about it. In addition, there is no way to recover the account once submitted for deletion. Therefore, we suggest you remove the email ID from all your online accounts.

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