Best Android Apps with Fingerprint Scanner Support

Apps with Fingerprint Scanner Support

When Google added native fingerprint support in Marshmallow, almost every phone maker immediately started to install a fingerprint sensor in their devices. The trend is here to stay, as these sensors have proven to be fast, useful and hassle free. Now, the installation of fingerprint scanners in smartphones, even in the budget segment, has almost become mandatory. We now have many Android apps that support fingerprint scanners and here are some hand-picked recommendations.

Research to improve technology is continuing, and a company called Synaptics recently launched a sensor that can detect fingerprints on the touchscreen itself. We can only cross our fingers and wait for the product to reach the consumer market, but in the meantime, why not use the ones we have as much as possible? Below are some applications that have seamlessly integrated the fingerprint reader API to provide additional benefits. It's time to unleash power with your fingertips!

Best Android Apps with Fingerprint Scanner Support


Journey is an excellent multiplatform newspaper writing application. Write about your memorable moments, add a photo, possibly complete with a quote. Journey automatically identifies your location, adds weather reports, and detects your activity, such as flying, driving or stopping, to name a few. Revisit your memories.

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Journey also offers daily inspirations – quotes that you can use in your entries. All articles are saved in Google Drive and can be published on your blog via social media. You can also review your memories in Agenda or Atlas views. To enable fingerprint unlocking, open the Overlay menu and select Settings. In the Security section, activate the Fingerprint function.


Fingerprint scanner support for telegrams

Telegram is a popular instant messaging service with a focus on end-user data security and privacy, as well as other features that are worthy of slavery. Many users consider it better than WhatsApp. The developers claim that it is the fastest instant messaging service on the market and that the size of the downloads is not limited. It allows groups of up to 200 people and 'supergroups' of up to 500 people.

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Telegram's secret conversation feature elevates privacy to the next level, with end-to-end encryption, the ability to delete messages on both the sender and on the recipient's device, or even self-destruction. . Heck, it does not even allow you to take screenshots once you have setup the security measures. And did I mention unique sticker packs? As of version 3.2.3, Telegram supports fingerprint unlocking. Just open the Overlay menu and go to Settings. Select Privacy and Security. Enable Code Lock (You must set a 4-digit code before you can unlock fingerprints).

Applock – Fingerprint password

Applock - Fingerprint password

Applock – Fingerprint Password is a small tool that does exactly what it says: it locks the specified applications with a PIN lock, password or fingerprint. During the installation of the application, it will create a list of suggested applications to protect, which you can edit. Next, you need to configure a model pin or lock. The application will request access to the use. Once you have completed these steps, open Settings (the Gear icon at the top right) and activate Fingerprint.

There are additional features such as themes and intruder photo (after 3 incorrect attempts, the app takes a picture with the camera before and sends it to your e-mail address. email). If CM detects that you are restarting the same protected application repeatedly (for example, watching a video while chatting), it will suggest that you lock the application after 3 minutes of shutting down the screen. AppLock is totally free and that's why it's one of the best Android apps that support fingerprint scanning.

Focus-Picture Gallery

A smooth, beautiful, secure and feature rich gallery replacement app for Android. It offers a free version with basic features and a premium version, an extra product chest, an application lock, a dark theme and a support for the Muzei live wallpaper. After becoming a premium member, you can open the Overlay menu and touch the vault. Here you can protect your private photos with a password or a fingerprint. You can also go to Settings, then select Application Lock to protect the entire gallery from the curious.

EvolveSMS (text messaging)

evolve sms fingerprint support

EvolveSMS features a refined user interface, extensive multimedia support (audio, video, GIF, etc.) and smartwatch integration. Swipe horizontally to switch from one conversation to another, swipe the left side of the screen to see all your conversations. The installation of a small separate application called Theme Spotlight will even allow you to customize it with themes. For security reasons, you can protect the entire application or mark private conversations and leave the rest unlocked.

To activate the fingerprint unlock, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Settings. Slide your finger in the security settings. You will need to first create a pattern lock.

Password Managers

last manager fingerprint support

A password manager is an application that supports all your passwords on different websites and online services. All your passwords are stored in a secure location (device or cloud), which can be accessed with a master password. Many popular managers offer additional features such as password capture, auto-entry, security audits, and two-factor authentication. Some popular password managers that support fingerprints are:

Finance and Banking Applications

Many banks and transaction portals now offer fingerprint authentication, so you can avoid hackers without adding to your problems. Some examples:

Fast fingerprint action

Why use the scanner only for security purposes? This app turns it into an extra hardware button. Define custom actions for single, double, and swipe entries, all in a clean interface. Available actions include:

  • Return
  • go home
  • Show Recent Screen
  • Toggle the notifications panel
  • Develop quick settings
  • Toggle the split screen

And more.

Dactyl digital fingerprint camera

Dactyl is a small application that allows you to use the fingerprint scanner as a shutter button. This does not seem like much, but this feature is very useful, especially for rear-mounted sensors. Once installed, the application requires accessibility permission. You can then use your default camera application to take pictures with the scanner. Please note that not all camera applications are supported and the list of supported applications is provided in the application itself. The developer regularly adds new supported applications and you can also request the addition of a new application. Dactyl is a paid application, but you can try a free trial version with 10 uses.

In addition to these third-party applications (and many others), there are two other ways to use your fingerprint reader.

  • Authenticate purchases from the Play Store: Open the Play Store. Open the overlay menu and select Settings. Enable fingerprint authentication.
  • Android Pay: It is a new contactless payment system launched by Google and running via NFC. Add your card details, bring your phone near a supported POS terminal and simply tap your fingerprint sensor to pay. Android Pay is currently restricted to certain countries.

That's all for now on the best Android apps supporting the fingerprint scanner.

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