Best Facebook Tips,Tricks and Hacks 2016


Facebook – Certainly the best Social Networking website available till now. Facebook connects you with the whole world pretty easily. It also allows you to share Photographs,Videos,Statuses,Life Events,etc. But These were all the substratal uses of Facebook. Being an Indian , Doing anything the habitual way is too freakingmAiNsTrEaM. So Today we will post The Best Facebook Tricks of 2016 and Tips to make Facebook interesting.

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So These are the Best Facebook Tricks and Tips –

1. Create Fake Status Updates –

You can create fake status updates with This Facebook Trick 2016. You can also select no. of likes and comments you want on that status. You can fool you friends with this funny Facebook trick.

The best website to create fake Facebook Walls are –

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2. Create Fake Facebook Profiles

You can create Funny Facebook profiles. You can also create funny profiles of your friends original profile to confuse them. You can add a Custom Profile Picture , Cover Picture , Date of Birth, Friends ,etc

The Best website to create Free Fake Facebook Profiles –


3. Create Fake Facebook Conversations

You can create Fake Facebook conversations to trick your friends. This tool also let us Include custom Pictures with Custom names and Comments. This tool is very easy to use and very user friendly.

The Best website to create Free Fake Facebook Conversations –

facebook tips and tricks 2021

4. Convert Your Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page

A Facebook Page  is different from Facebook Profile. Many People create separate Profiles and Pages. But Don’t worry now you can Convert your Facebook profile into Facebook page Easily with this Facebook trick.

Procedure To Convert Your Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page-

Facebook Tricks 2021

  • Go to The Facebook profile Business Page Migration by Clicking Here 
  • Select a Category and fill the necessary details
  • Fill in your password and click on Confirm
  • Now Click on Finish and your Facebook Profile will be converted into a Page.

5. Download All Facebook Uploads at Once

We all share a lot of Photographs on Facebook even I too have shared 227 photographs till now on my Facebook account and I am using Facebook since 2012. The problem we all face is saving uploaded Photographs one by one. But by this Facebook trick you will learn the procedure to download all of your Facebook photos at once.

Procure to All Facebook Uploads at Once-

  • Go to
  • Login Using Your Facebook Account
  • Select the Albums you want to download (You can also download video from this Website)
  • Click on download for downloading all the photographs in .Zip file.
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6.Download Facebook Videos

With this Facebook Trick , You will learn the trick to download Facebook Videos for free. The procedure is very easy and you can also choose the video quality.


best facebook tips and tricks

Procure to Download Facebook Videos for Free –

  • Go to
  • Enter the URL of the video which you want to download, Right Click on a Facebook video then Copy Link Address.
  • Paste the Link in the input field
  • Click the Downloadbutton
  • Choose the Video Quality you want to download : High Quality Video or Low Quality Video.

7. Trick to know Who Unfriended you on Facebook

Facebook allows it users to unfriend the people in their friend list. But No One wants to be unfriended, and at certain times we never get to know who is Unfriending us. By following this simpleFacebook trick , you can keep a check on all of our Friends in you friendlist.

Procedure to know who unfriended you on Facebook –

  • Download Unfriend Notify Extension for you Browser ( For Google Chrome Click Here )
  • By Downloading This extension, You will get to know who has unfriended you.

8. Trick to Read Messages On Facebook Without Being Seen

Sometimes We don’t want others to know that we have seen their message which they have sent , But whenever we read the ,message , facebook notifies the other user that we have seen the message. With this simple Facebook Tricks, You will be able to Read Messages On Facebook Without Being Seen.

Procedure to Read Messages On Facebook Without Being Seen-

  • Download Unseen Addon For your Internet browser. ( For Google Chrome Click Here and For Mozilla Firefox Click here)
  • Turn On the Add On . Now nobody will be able to know whether if u have seen the message or not.

9. Trick To View Private Profile Picture on Facebook 2016

In this Facebook Trick You will learn the procedure toView the Private Photos on Facebook . This trick will provide you the original photograph which was uploaded and later was marked as private and made hidden.

Procedure to view Hidden Profile Pictures on Facebook 2016 –

  •  Go to This link 
  • Add The Profile URL of the user whome picture you want to see.
  • Click On get Profile Picture
  • Done You will Get the image of the user in the size in which it was uploaded ????

End of The Line –

The above listed Facebook Tricks , Facebook Tips and Facebook Hacks are the best working Tricks till now. Using these Tricks you can make Facebook interesting. There are many other Facebook Tricks available but these are the selected ones . Do let  us know if you have any doubt or query in your comments. ????

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