Best free Sudoku games to play on Windows 10

Sudoku Grids

Sudoku This is not just another hobby unless you are a genius. It's like the Rubik cube, but with numbers. There are people who like the challenge. There are people who dread the difficulty. But with practice, you can succeed and it will be fun. This game requires patience and active thinking. It is an extraordinary exercise for the brain.

Free Sudoku Games for Windows 10

What if you could have an amazing Sudoku app on your phone or PC? It's time well spent. It's both fun and productive. That's why we've selected this list of amazing Sudoku games for Windows 10. Here are the top ten Sudoku games available on the Microsoft Store.

  1. Microsoft Sudoku
  2. Sudoku Pro
  3. Classic Sudoku
  4. Sudoku Free
  5. Classic Sudoku
  6. Central Sudoku
  7. Sudoku Epic
  8. Sudoku + HD
  9. Sudoku Unity
  10. Sudoku Grids.

Let's take a look at them.

1) Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft Sudoku is literally the most popular Sudoku application you can find on the Microsoft Store. The application is free and you can download it from Microsoft the shop directly. You will have exciting new challenges every day. You can compare your performance via ranking and record your progress on the cloud. You can also link it with your Xbox. Choose from five levels of difficulty, as this app is perfect for all age groups.

2) Sudoku Pro

Sudoku Pro

This production of Random Salad Games was released early 2018. Sudoku Pro offers five game modes. Difficulty levels are organized so that people of all age groups can enjoy the game. The app is Free. even the HyperSudoku mode is free. Visit the Microsoft the shop to download this fun game. Enjoy unlimited possibilities of cancellation and recovery functions. Get clues and customize the background as you like.

3) Classic Sudoku

Classic Sudoku

As its name indicates, this app is the ultimate classic form of sudoku. The interface of this game incorporates the essence of traditional sudoku. You feel as if you play the game on a pen and paper. You can find this app for free. Download it from Microsoft the shop. Play this game to improve your intelligence or to spend time doing something productive.

4) Free Sudoku

Sudoku Free

This game features the standard 9 * 9 grid mode. There are three levels. You can choose the level of difficulty according to your abilities. Therefore, this game is perfect for all age groups. Find this app right here. Enjoy a very user-friendly interface and choose the level of difficulty that you are passionate about. The best thing about this game is that you get tips, redo, cancel, and also a timer mode that makes things even more exciting.

5) Classic Sudoku Master

The best free Sudoku games on Windows 10

The classic Sudoku Master is suitable for both beginners and professionals alike. You can relax playing this game or take up a real challenge. You also get an automatic check feature so you do not get discouraged even as a beginner. Of course, you can turn off the support and play at a more challenging level if that's what you're looking for. Download this game from Microsoft the shop free.

6) Central Sudoku

Central Sudoku

Central Sudoku offers six variants. You can download this game from Microsoft the shop free. Unlock all modes, including Jigsaw, Killer and Windoku. The USP of this game? You get a welcome change of numbers. You can use vibrating symbols. You can save any game to continue later.

7) Sudoku epic

Sudoku Epic

Sudoku Epic is the perfect choice for those who want to play Wordoku to change. There are 6 * 6 and 9 * 9 versions. Find this app right right here and play all five versions for free. The application is compatible with PCs, mobiles, as well as with Hub. You get thousands of puzzles in all five game modes. On top of that, you get exclusive daily puzzles. Enjoy!

8) Sudoku + HD

Sudoku Plus HD

This application has a very user-friendly interface. It follows the traditional rules of sudoku. There are over 10,000 puzzles on four different levels of difficulty. You can download this application from Microsoft the shop and play it through different platforms. The best thing about this app is the HD version makes the game dynamic and more interesting than ever. However, the essence of the game lies in the traditional Sudoku game.

9) Sudoku Unit

Sudoku Unity

This terabyte game app is available on HoloLens, PC, Smartphones and Hub. The game was launched in the middle of 2018. It consumes about 70% of the storage space. This game is available on the official Microsoft website the shop free. Download it and enjoy the improvement of your intellect. This game is not for people who do not take it seriously. After all, a challenge is fun and healthy for your brain.

10) Sudoku Grids

Sudoku Grids

This solo game is available on both PC and Hub. The range of sizes for the Sudoku Grid ranges from 4 * 4 to 16 * 16. This game was developed in 2020. Check out the app right here to realize how good it is fun and aesthetic.

These are the top ten choices of Sudoku Games for Windows 10. As you can see, many of them are also available on Hub. Do not waste your time. Give your brain the exercise it so badly needs. Download some of these apps and choose the ones that you think are the most exciting.

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