5 Best Marvel Games for Android In 2020

Marvel Comics was founded in 1939, a year after the world saw Superman. It's not uncommon to love Marvel lately, but the road has not been easy for society. Not just among comics fans, but Marvel has made a name for being perhaps the most profitable movie franchise. If you are a fan of Marvel and you like your Android, what better than to merge the two? Here are the best Marvel apps and games to have on your Android device. However, before scrolling through the screen, also check out these tips and tricks from Call of Duty Mobile.

1. MARVEL Unlimited – Official Android Application

Marvel Unlimited Subscription Application

If you like comics and like to read it on a screen, you must already be aware of Marvel Unlimited. Since Netflix, the craze for subscription services is on the rise. It's Marvel's attempt to be their own Netflix in the world of comics. Marvel Unlimited is the official Marvel app for Android. For a small recurring cost, you have access to a wide variety of comics. This includes all Marvel Comics problems dating back 50 years.

The comic book range includes all your favorite characters like Spider-Man, The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Star Wars, X-Men, Captain Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Defenders, Black Panther, Deadpool and more! If you're bored by the 25,000+ problems, there's always more on the way.

2. MARVEL Strike Force

Marvel Strikeforce is an RPG strategy game for Android that allows you to assemble a large number of superheroes and superheroes from the Marvel Universe. Your job is to create your own together and fight the assault of another world. Not only the good ones, but the bad guys from the Marvel Universe will also help you in this business. Your team can count on people like Spiderman, Venom and Dr. Strange. The game can be played in one of six modes: Arena, Blitz, Raids, Alliance War and Challenges. There is no online multiplayer mode that could be a good thing for some and a bad thing for some.

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3. MARVEL combat lines

If you like card games, Marvel Android apps are also covered here. Marvel Battle Lines is an epic card game based on your favorite characters such as Captain Marvel, Dr. Doom, Thor, etc. There are two game modes: one is a single player, the other is a PvP. In single player mode, you embark on a new world of adventure backup and collect maps en route. You can then use the deck you've built to face the world's fiercest opponents in an online player-versus-player match. To date, there are over 300 cards to be acquired in the game, and others are added in the updates.

4. Marvel Champions Contest

Marvel Contest of Champions game on Android

One of the most popular DC games is Injustice Gods Among Us, which even inspired a whole new series of comics. If you want something like this happening in the Marvel Universe, the Marvel Contest Contest is perfect for you. In this game, your favorite Marvel characters participate in an intergalactic tournament. The end result is a fierce fighting game featuring even the most powerful characters in Marvel. Game controls are intuitive and designed for touch screens.

The game is not quite ordinary nor cerebral. You will collect improvements and will need to carefully manage your team of fighters to have the best chance of winning. This applies to both solo and online modes. Yes, there is an online mode. If you're a fan of fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Injustice and Street Fighter, you'll love it.

5. MARVEL Puzzle Quest

Marvel apps and games for Android

Love Candy Crush? Bejeweled? Despite what it looks like, Marvel Puzzle Quest is a role-playing game, based solely on the mechanics of match 3 gameplay. It adds a little more fun value to an already proven game mechanic. Each time you match 3 tiles, the characters attack and perform special epic moves. So, you must continue to accumulate matches. No matter what character you play, the game can become quite difficult. The online mode has more than 15 million players in the world, so there is enough competition.

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