Best Outdoor Adventure Apps for Android

Offline Survival Manual App

The adventure holidays are ideal for pumping your adrenaline. Adventure travel includes hiking, camping, rafting, hiking, etc. But, even if they seem exciting, they can put you in a stalemate. If you like going outside, you must also prepare your smartphone. Before you start your next big adventure, you need to install the following best outdoor adventure apps for Android.

These outdoor applications can be useful in difficult situations. You could get lost, lose track of yourself, hurt yourself, etc. In these scenarios, your smartphone is the only tool available to you.

This listing is a compilation of the 8 best outdoor adventure apps for Android. In addition, most applications are available offline. There is no internet addiction. I suggest that you have to install these applications on your smartphones to stay ahead of difficult situations.

Before you scroll through the screen, you may want to use some Android applications that support the Fingerprint Scanner.

Best outdoor adventure apps for Android

Let's take a look at each application, one by one.

1. Offline Survival Manual

The Offline Survival Manual, as its name indicates, is an outdoor survival ebook. It's a handy ebook that is available offline. It contains a descriptive outdoor survival guide for adventure enthusiasts. This app offers a guide on many topics such as how to make a fire, find food, build a shelter, etc.

You receive a lot of help from this ebook in case of emergency. In addition, you can also use this app for a general outdoor vacation. You will also learn a lot of surviving handymen. For example, you can learn to create a fire without tools or to know which plant to eat in need of food.

Whatever you want to learn, you can use this app. Most topics have been covered and updates are added frequently. You also get infographics and simple images to help you better understand. We recently compiled a list of exciting survival games for Android. Do not forget to check them.

2. ViewRanger

This app is suitable for cycling and hiking enthusiasts. You can discover trail maps prepared and shared by its users and experts. It offers map trails for mountain routes or walks in the countryside. More importantly, it works offline and uses your GPS to display maps.

ViewRanger Outdoor Adventure App

You can also create your own routes and share them with other people within the application. ViewRanger has a huge library of trails and roads. In addition, you can view and record your live tracks and share them with your friends. It displays statistics such as distance, speed, altitude, etc.

In addition, ViewRanger also has an augmented reality mode. It uses your mobile camera to determine peaks, places and lakes. In addition, it supports Wear OS smart watches. It is available in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. When you go on an adventure, it is possible that your Internet data connection is not working. These 155 offline games for Android will entertain you in remote areas.

3. Map of the place

Locus Map is another interesting application that you should consider taking outdoors. It has a catalog of cards specially designed for cycling, hiking and similar adventures. You can create, edit, plan to save your maps in this application. It offers detailed statistics like distance, speed and altitude.

Locus Maps Outdoor Travel app

Voice and sound navigation is also available in all supported regions. In addition, you can share your tracks on platforms such as Google Earth, GPSies, etc. This warns you when you move away.

Besides this app also offers parking assistant, note manager and live tracking. LoMaps displays offline maps of the world. This app is available in many countries.

4. First aid

First aid is the most important thing you need to do, no matter what kind of vacation you are planning. No matter who can be injured or an emergency can occur anywhere or at any time. And if you are qualified and equipped, you can handle these situations.

First aid app for outdoor trips

This application offers a huge collection of tips and tricks for dealing with adverse situations. You can learn via videos, interactive quizzes or simple step-by-step articles. In addition, this guide also includes animations to make learning fun and easy.

It offers all the information and help without the need of an internet connection. In addition, there is no advertising in the application and is free of spam. In addition, it contains safety tips against hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.

5. Digital Compass

The digital compass is what its name suggests. Your smartphone can be preloaded with a compass app. But, if not, you should download this application. This application is very convenient for outdoor vacations, adventure trips or general purposes.

Digital Compass app for Android

You can also use this application with Locus Maps, Google Maps, etc. In addition, Digital Compass can guide you on the right track, even without an Internet connection. This application uses your built-in sensor modules to navigate.

In addition, it has a clean user interface and minimal design. It also has a flame application. One thing to note is that you should not use the compass app with magnetic covers. The reason is that it could show you the wrong navigation.

6. Opening signal

Open Signal is a network signal search application for Android. You can also use this app to run speed tests for your internet connection and WiFi signals. This is very convenient when you are on an outdoor adventure trip.

Open Signal Android App

This application can let you see the location closest to the highest network frequency. This can be useful when you are in a location where network coverage is low. You can follow the network tours to get a decent signal. In addition, Open Signal also offers the ability to analyze and locate local Wi-Fi hotspots.

It has a clean and simple user interface. You have a dedicated dashboard containing all the information you need.

7. Spyglass

Spyglass is an augmented reality navigation app. This is one of the essential Android apps for outdoor travel. It also functions as a head-up display for compass and map. This outdoor travel app features a gyro, offline maps, speedometer, altimeter, and more.

Spyglass Outdoor Navigation App

You can track your position, your speed, the sun, the moon or the stars, display the range finder and other tools. This application has all the features combined in one that will be beneficial when needed. You can use the sextant and angular calculator to measure the height and distance of objects.

8. Komoot

Komoot is an excellent outdoor travel app. With this app you can plan your route before leaving. This is a must-have app for cyclists, hikers or ATV adventurers. The best thing about this app is that all the navigation and the path, the trails are available offline.

Komoot Outdoor Travel App

In addition, it presents itineraries, surface conditions, distance and altitude, etc. In addition, you also benefit from detailed navigation which is a very useful function. Komoot also has a community where you can see the popular destination of your next adventure shared by others.

In addition, you can add photos, tips, and highlights to your story and share them with others. It offers seamless integration with all devices. And Komoot also supports Android devices. Besides Komoot, there are many other travel apps for Android that will help you if you have planned a trip.


The applications mentioned above are useful for preparing your smartphone for outdoor travel. This listing contains the best Android apps for outdoor adventure and travels. You do not know when the need for these applications can arise because of any of them. Please let us know in the comments below any other Android app that will be useful for people who love adventure and outdoor travel.

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