5 Best War Games for Android in 2020

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War is not a game, but war games are very popular on PC and consoles for a long time. Call of Duty is a popular example. With the advent of Android, smartphones have also played a lot of games. Call of Duty is also available on Android and many other war games. Here are some of the best war games available on Android in 2020. Thanks to the recently introduced Google Play Pass subscription, you can enjoy a multitude of games on Android without irritating ads or in-app purchases .

1. Frontline Commando: D-Day

Frontline Commando: D-Day is one of the best war games in 2020 to start. The sequel to Frontline Commando, this war game takes place in the context of the Second World War. The astonishing console-level graphics of yesteryear and smooth touch controls make it a third-person shooter in war-themed warfare. The game features real weapons and even places like the beaches of Utah and Omaha are modeled exactly like the real places.

There are more than 100 levels and it is not easy. All these factors together make the game captivating and the right amount of play difficult. It's a highly recommended game, even if you like third-person shooter games, not just hot games.

2. Brothers of arms 3

The original brother in the arms was part of the best games Gameloft. The third iteration, as you can imagine, is an action-packed war game, but it is primarily portrayed as an arcade shooter. The mobile version can not really be compared to the PC version. But it's a nice first-person shooter for Android. There is not much history in this film, but if you like brainless shooting, the third game of the sequel remains correct.

More importantly, it's an action-packed shooter that reaches exactly 62 MB in the latest version. The missions are linear, but they have a certain variety so that the players do not get bored. Therefore, it is suitable for most Android smartphones, not just flagship products.

3. Medieval battles

Wars have not always been conducted with guns, you know. If you like war games, but not so much modern warfare, this could be the game for you. Great Battles Medieval is a historical strategy title with a quasi-RTS gameplay. It takes place during the Hundred Years' War and has many skirmishes with a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode.

The combat system is what makes the game fun to play and even watch. Battles are fast, so you need to use the time you have effectively. While you fight AI soldiers and riders, you can suspend the party to give instructions to your units so that they position themselves better. After each battle, you can improve the troops and their skills. The experience gained can be used to improve their statistics.

This is a must for fans of historical titles such as Total War.

4. The world of arms

The best war games for Android 2020

It should not surprise anyone to see another Gameloft game on the list. The company makes some of the best war games on Android, or just mobile games in general. Although its name suggests a world war-like scenario, World at Arms talks about America fighting a terrorist organization called KRA. This is a basic building strategy title with a split-screen fighting system that could refresh most people.

You can control the positioning and placement of units and also use special weapons such as missiles. It just means that you can also be targeted by enemy missiles, but you can remove them to reduce the damage done to your troops. Increasing the level of your base allows you to unlock more special weapons such as an air strike, a nuclear strike, an explosive shell, and so on. Players in hardcore war strategy may not find the split screen style very attractive, however. It's one of the best high FPS games for Android with amazing gameplay.

5. army of heroes

army of heroes war game

With the motto 'Fight, Destroy and Defend', Army of Heroes is an online action warfare and strategy game for Android. Since you play against real people, you have millions of enemies to defeat. Your motivation is to train your army to defend your base against potential enemies from capturing your base. In the meantime, you will also try to create a powerful outpost territory to defend your base and conquer the world. In such games, survival is the key to victory. Here are some of the best survival games for Android to discover.

Here ends our list of the best war games available in 2020 for Android users on the Google Play Store. If you know of incredible games that deserved a place in our list, let us know through comments.

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