Calculator not working on Windows 10

Reset or uninstall calculator

Calculator is one of the basic applications of the Windows 10 operating system. It can be extended to a scientific calculator, which makes it very useful. However, some users have reported that the Calculator application was not working on their Windows 10 system. If you are facing this problem, read on.

The calculator does not work on Windows 10

There are some cases to this problem. Some users have reported this problem after installing a feature update. others report that the Calculator application has never worked on their system. In some cases, the calculator opens, but hangs or hangs.

The main causes of the problem are:

  1. An update of the feature could have changed the settings,
  2. Problems with the login account,
  3. Missing or corrupt files in the system, and
  4. Problems with the calculator application itself.

If you are experiencing the problem of the computer that is not running Windows 10, first update Windows 10 and reboot your system. Once done, follow the suggestions below:

  1. Run and SFC and DISM scan
  2. Log in to the system using another user account.
  3. Reset / Reinstall Calculator application.

1) Run and SFC and DISM scan

One of the causes of the problem under discussion is that some system files may be missing. In this case, you may want to consider running an SFC scan. If SFC scanning does not help, perform a DISM analysis.

You can also use our very useful free software FixWin utility to run SFC or DISM in one click. These scans look for missing or corrupt files in the system and replace them if possible.

2) Log in to the system using another user account.

If the problem is with the login account, you can resolve it by logging in through another user account and viewing

To create a new user account, click on the button beginning icon and go to Settings> Account> Family and other users.

In the Other Users section, select Add someone else to this PC. Enter the required details and reboot your system.

Log in to the system using the other account.

3) Reset / Reinstall Calculator application

If the solutions mentioned above fail, you may want to consider resetting the Calculations application.

Click the Start button and go to Settings> Apps> Apps & Features.

Find it Calculator app in the list and click on it to expand its options.

To select Advanced options.

Under reset, click the Reset icon to reset the Calculations application.

Reset or uninstall the calculator

You can also consider uninstalling the application from the same menu. Later, you can visit the Microsoft Store, search for it and install it.

You can also use our free 10AppsManager software to uninstall and reinstall it. You can also download and use our free software FixWin, free software, and use it to re-register Windows 10 Store applications.

If nothing helps you, you can use one of these free calculators for Windows PC.

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