Carrom Stars: Your Favourite Childhood Game Got a New Form

The carrom board game has been one of the favorite games of children of the 90s. Although not only children but adults also love to play the game. It still occupies a special place in people's hearts. Since there were not many online games at the time, children enjoyed indoor games such as carrom, ludo, snakes and ladders and chess. With the advent of technology, online games have replaced physical games. To revive this penchant for the game of carrom, many online gaming companies have launched carrom board game onlines.

Of all the carrom games available, the best and the most popular is Carrom Stars. Carrom Stars is developed by the world's leading game developer Junglee Games, and it can be downloaded and played on any smartphone. You can download it for free from the Play Store. As it is difficult to carry a physical carrom board, the carrom online board game has become the best solution. You can now play the game anytime and anywhere. So, forget these days "I miss the game of carrom". Just go to the App Store, download the carrom game and start enjoying the carom like never before.

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The carrom board game is played with the help of an attacker and pucks. The attacker is used to hit and pocket pucks or carrom men. Whatever the age, the carrom can be played by anyone and anyone. With the carrom online board game you can play with international players. You can also invite your friends and family to play the game.

Goal of the game

The goal of a player in a carom game is to pocket his pucks. There are pockets at the four corners of the board. The red puck called the Queen should be covered by pocketing a carom immediately after. If the attacker is pocketed, it is a fault.

Access the game

After downloading the Carrom Stars app, you can login using your mobile number or your Facebook account. There is also an option to play as a guest. There are different game rooms in which you can play this carrom online board game. You can challenge players from around the world to play with you. Carrom Stars uses advanced physics and artificial intelligence to give you an experience of the real game of carrom. After you register, you get 10,000 free chips to play. You can buy more chips since the application for a nominal price.

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You can also play the game alone in Training mode. There, you can maximize your chances of winning and become a carom champion by practicing various moves. Training mode is a great option with which you can play at the beginner level and learn how to use the game controls.

Any shots that can be played on a carrom physics board can also be played with Carrom Stars. The features and user interface of Carrom Stars are so attractive and compelling that you are hooked. You can invite your friends to join this game and win attractive rewards.

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Key Attractions of the Game: Advanced physics and artificial intelligence (AI) implementation, workout mode, multiplayer game, free to download and easy to play.

So you can Download Carrom Stars now and play your favorite online carrom board game on your phone.

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