Chrome Canary (Android) Gets Strangely Renamed to Clankium

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Google loves testing new features from time to time is not a hidden secret. But sometimes, it goes too far and surprises everyone. Today, I saw a new application called Clankium installed on my device. Not only the name, but the icon also seemed quite strange. To my knowledge, I did not download such an application. So, I went to check Application settings page, where he showed the application to install from Play Store. By tapping the Details of the applicationthat brought me to the Google Canary list. Then I realized that the version of Chrome Canary had been transformed into this version called Clankium.

In fact, I was not the only one. Many users have had the same modification of the Chromium browser user interface. Let's see what exactly this change is. Plus, you can always get your hands on the Clankium version of Chrome Canary via a convenient workaround. We will discuss it too.

Chrome Canary to Clankium: what changed everything

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Chrome Canary has been totally renamed today. Not only his name, but his icon, has also been replaced by a turquoise dinosaur that seems to come from a purple egg. All this is placed on a yellow background. Not only in application drawer but the change from Chrome Canary to Clankium was visible in the Information about the application page as well.

After further investigation, I went to the application Chrome application Settings > About Chrome > Version of the application and rather than showing the classic Chrome canary, he also showed the name of Clankium. But apart from the change of name and logo. there were no additions or deletions of features as such. Rest everything seems to work as before.


This change was visible in the Chrome Canary v80.0.3973.0. But the application has recently been updated to 80.0.3973.3 and Chrome Canary has returned to its default state. However, you can still enjoy the Clankium version of Chrome Canary by side-loading the v80.0.3973.0 application from APKMirror. Do not forget to allow the installation from an unknown source before proceeding with the installation. Also disable the Automatic Updates feature from the Play Store.

So it was the Canarian version of Google Chrome that was to be renamed Clankium for a short time. It may be an internal test that went wrong, but Google surely knows a trick or two to surprise its user base from time to time.

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