How to Use Nearby Share on Samsung S20 Device

Among the gadgets released in 2020, the Samsung S20 Android has garnered so much attention. And you have the easy-to-use Nearby Share feature to thank for all that hype. You can only really compare the remarkable close sharing feature of the Samsung S20 to Apple Airdrop. So let’s take some time to figure out how […]

15 Best YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

YouTube, Google’s streaming service, is reaching new heights of popularity every day. The service is available everywhere, including phone, laptop, smart TV, and the web. While YouTube’s fame is mainly due to mobile apps, the service is better appreciated on the web. You can love the big screen and also take advantage of keyboard shortcuts […]

3 Best Ways to Fix Chrome Bookmarks Not Deleting Issue

Usually, deleting bookmarks and unwanted folders in Google Chrome is a relatively simple and convenient matter. To top things off, Chrome Sync will also remove them from other devices simultaneously. But what if the favorites that you already deleted days or weeks ago start to appear again after a while? The most likely reason Chrome […]

What Happens When You Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

Google Chrome saves various forms of data on local storage when you visit websites, just like other browsers. This helps to provide a better browsing experience, both in terms of performance and convenience. However, there may be times when you want to clear your browsing data in Chrome. Often times, removing browsing data, such as […]

How to Remove Saved Passwords From Google Chrome

Google Chrome is arguably the most popular browser. It comes by default on all Android phones. People also prefer Google’s offer over Safari and Internet Explorer on the desktop. A new wave of browsers like Brave and Vivaldi and old gamers like Firefox and Microsoft Edge are gearing up for better deals with more features. […]

Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Add Keyboard Shortcuts to Your Brower

There is a Chrome extension for almost everything. There is definitely a handle for creating and adding keyboard shortcuts to your Chrome browser. These shortcuts will then speed things up for you as you race against the clock to get the job done on time. They will help reduce the time required to perform various […]

A Complete Guide to Grouping Tabs in Google Chrome on Mobile

Rarely do you receive a feature on your phone that wows you. Tab groups in Google Chrome have been such an experience for me. It used to be far too difficult to find the right tab among the pile of open tabs, especially on a mobile phone. But things changed with the introduction of tab […]

10 Best Ways to Fix Google Docs Not Downloading Issues

While Google Docs works well in Chrome, things don’t always work as expected. The other day I tried to upload a document and it didn’t work. Yes, I could have shared it directly with the person I wanted to send it to. But sometimes I just need an offline copy that I or my collaborators […]

Top 3 Ways to Use Google Docs in Dark Mode on Chrome

Google Docs is my favorite word processor, period. Of course, it doesn’t come close to Microsoft Word in terms of functionality. But since I hardly do anything fancy with my documents, Google Docs is more than enough. It’s also well optimized and works great on my Chrome browser. That said, there is one thing that […]

How to Download and Install Chrome Offline on Windows

Setting up Google Chrome on Windows 10 is a relatively smooth and trouble-free affair. Download and run the Chrome installer, and you should have the browser up and running in a few minutes. However, the fact that Chrome requires online connectivity during installation can bother many people with intermittent internet connection. Fortunately, it’s more than […]

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