Convert MBR to GPT During Windows 10 Installation

Convert MBR to GPT During Windows 10 Installation

A Windows system uses a Master Boot Record (MBR) or GUID Partition Table (GPT) based on system life, operating system, and firmware. Sometimes it is necessary to switch between the MBR and GPT, but for this you must first clean your drive. Applying traditional mechanisms such as Windows Disk Management and the command prompt results in permanent data loss if you have not made a backup, of course. This article will show you how to convert the MBR to GPT without data loss and actually when installing Windows 10.

MBR only allows you to create four main partitions. However, you can work around this condition by using logical partitions. This means that you can generate three primary partitions, as well as an extended partition. In this extended partition, you can also have logical partitions.

However, there are now two mechanisms that you can safely use to change your partition table without dealing with data loss. The best part is that it is extremely easy and absolutely free.

How to convert an MBR to GPT (during the installation of Windows)

Let's see how to easily convert the MBR disk to GPT and above all without losing your data trunk.

Method 1: Using the MBR2GPT Tool to Convert an MBR Disk to a GPT File Without Loss of Data

This method is really simple and will help you convert MBR to GPT without losing data.

  1. Check your disk number. Select Disk Management in Computer Management and locate the disk that you want to convert. Right-click the disk number, select Properties, and open the volume. Check if the current partition type is MBR.
  2. Press Windows + X, and select Command Prompt from the menu.
  3. Now check the disk you need to convert. Type mbr2gpt / validate / disk: (enter your disk number here) / allowFullOS
  4. Type mbr2gpt / convert / disk: (enter your disk number here) / allowFullOS and press Enter to start the conversion.
  5. Change your firmware to boot in UEFI mode. After rebooting the system, press the BIOS / UEFI input key.
  6. Change the startup type to UEFI mode.

That's all. The conversion is complete.

Method 2: Use the EaseUS partition software to convert the MBR to GPT without loss of data

If the above method is tricky, there is a tool for you.

  1. Purchase the EaseUS Partition software, download it and install it on the official website. If you want to convert a single drive, try the evaluation version.
  2. Open EaseUS Partition Master and wait for the drives to load. Find the drive you need to convert. Select the drive, right-click and select Convert MBR to GPT to continue.
  3. Press the Apply button on the toolbar. When you press Apply, the system restarts. You will get an operating screen of EaseUS Partition Master that displays the current conversion process.
  4. Change your firmware to boot in UEFI mode. After rebooting the system, press the BIOS / UEFI input key. Change the startup type to UEFI mode.

Method 3: Convert Without Data Loss Using Diskpart

This method can even be used during the installation of Windows. You must back up all your data, then use the DISKPART command if you lose data.

  1. Open the command prompt to type DISKPART and press Enter.
  2. Then type list disk after noting the disk number you want to convert from MBR to GPT
  3. Then type the disk number in Select Disk
  4. Finally, type convert gpt.

This will clean the disc and the data will be lost.

Method 4: Convert MBR to GPT without Data Loss with Gptgen

You can convert MBR to GPT with the help of a command-line utility called gptgen. Gptgen is a tool for non-destructively converting partitioned hard disks in common.

The syntax of the tool is gptgen (-w) . physicaldriveX, where X is the drive number specified by the disk management console. You can then use not a word write the tables on the disk.

Method 5: Convert the Disk Type Without Losing Data Using Partition Assistant

Now, the free version of Partition Assistant does not allow the conversion of MBR to GPT.

  1. Choose the disk to convert
  2. Right-click the disk and select Convert to GPT / MBR disk.
  3. Check your operation by clicking OK to continue
  4. Click the Apply button on the toolbar to make the changes.

Method 6: A video explaining the process

If that still does not help, here are some videos that show each process in detail. Just follow this video and you can convert MBR to GPT for free.

Final verdict

So we gave 6 ways to convert the MBR to GPT. Normally, an ordinary PC user does not need to do it. However, if it is a necessary task, you will not have to worry. Just follow our methods and you can easily convert when installing Windows. If the data is important, be sure to follow the methods that show how to convert the MBR to GPT without loss of data.

I hope the article helps.

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