Cannot print a file; It opens as ‘Save as’ instead on Windows computer

Cannot print a file; It opens as

Windows 10 computers support multiple devices. This includes a long list of printers. However, some users reported experiencing a problem on their Windows 10 computer, which allowed them to back up the PDF, Word, and so on. when they were trying to print it. This is an unusual problem on some Windows 10 computers that is due to various reasons. This includes faulty drivers, improper printer configuration, and so on.

Can not print a file; It opens as "Save As" instead

The following methods can help you solve the problem. Can not print a file Problem for PDF, Word or other files on Windows 10:

  1. Run the printer Troubleshooting.
  2. Correct the configuration of the printer.
  3. Install the latest drivers for your printer.

1) Run the printer troubleshooter

Open the Windows 10 Settings application.

Navigate to Update and Security> Troubleshoot.

Run the printer troubleshooter.

Follow the on-screen instructions to automatically detect and resolve printer problems.

2) Correct the configuration of the printer

Sometimes a misconfiguration with the printer settings also causes problems of this type.

Open the Control panel. Search Devices and printers and open it.

Right-click on the input of your printer that you want to use to print documents and select Set as the default printer.

You can also try this. Open the PDF file, go to the Print dialog box, and uncheck the box. Print as a file option.

See if it helps.

3) Install the latest drivers for your printer

Corruption or incompatibility of pilots can also lead to such problems.

To resolve this issue, be sure to download the latest drivers for your printer manufacturer's website and install it like any other driver.

This should correct any corruption or incompatibility of these drivers with the operating system.

I hope these methods have helped you solve the problem.

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