Disable or enable website language translation; Add or Change display language in Microsoft Edge

Disable or enable website language translation; Add or Change display language in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is equipped with native functionality that brings translation functionality to the browser. In this article, we will show you how to disable or enable website language translation, how to add a language, and how to change the display language in the new Microsoft Edge browser.

The built-in Microsoft Edge translation tool has a similar function and works in much the same way as Google Chrome. We will see the method for:

  1. Disable language translation
  2. Add a language
  3. Change the display language for Edge

Please note that the latest version of the Edge browser (Chromium) must be installed.

Disable language translation in Edge

Launch the Edge browser. When the browser window opens, click on the ‘Settings and more’(Three visible dots) in the upper right corner.

Select the ‘settings“And choose”Languages“.

In the “Languages” section, activate the option “Offer to translate pages that are not in a language you read‘rocker switch.

Once done, close the browser settings and exit.

Thereafter, each time the Edge browser detects a language other than the one you are reading, it displays a prompt for translation of the page in flash. The prompt will include a menu to allow you to select the language into which you want to translate the content. By default, the option will be the default language configured for the browser.

So, with these simple steps, you can easily enable website language translation in Microsoft Edge browser.

Add a language to Microsoft Edge browser

add a change of language

To add a new language to your Microsoft Edge browser, go to settings> Languages. Under the same Languages ​​setting, you will see a Add languages button.

A box will appear displaying the list of languages ​​in alphabetical order. Select a language you wish to add by checking the corresponding box and press the ‘Add’ button.

Change the display language for Edge

change the border display language

Click on “Settings and more” and choose “settings“In the list of options displayed there.

Then scroll down to “Languages‘section.

Then go to the right pane and under ‘Languages“Description, choose”More actions“(Visible in the form of 3 horizontal points).

A box will open, check the box marked ‘Display Microsoft Edge in this language“.

You can even rearrange the chosen language by simply pressing “Move up‘ or ‘Move up“Option.

I hope this helps you.

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