Win+Shift+S keyboard shortcut is not working in Windows 10

Win+Shift+S keyboard shortcut is not working in Windows 10

the Keyboard shortcut Win + Shift + S in Windows 10, allows a user to capture a portion or the full screen and copy it to the clipboard. In most cases, the functionality works well as desired, but sometimes it may not respond. If you have this problem, this message will help you.

Win + Shift + S does not work in Windows 10

When you press the “Win + Shift + S” keys simultaneously, your computer screen is covered with a white / gray overlay. The mouse cursor changes to a plus sign (+), indicating that the capture mode is activated. When you select an area and release the cursor, the selected screen area is automatically copied to the clipboard. However, when you don’t see this happening, here’s what to do:

  1. Enable toggle clipboard history
  2. Check the Snip & Sketch toggle
  3. Reset Snip & Sketch.

Snip & Sketch is a new tool which replaces the old Snipping tool.

1]Turn on the clipboard history switch

Press the Start button and select ‘settings“.

Choose the ‘System“Mosaic> Sound and scroll down to locate”Clipboard“.

Click on it and, in the right pane, see if “Clipboard history‘Is activated.

Otherwise, flip the switch to ‘Sure‘position.

2]Check the Snip & Sketch switch

Again, open “settings“, Choose”System“And go to”Notifications and actions‘section.

Here, make sure that “Snip & Sketch“Is set to”Sure‘position.

3]Reset Snip & Sketch

If the above methods do not give the desired results, reset Snip & Sketch. For that,

Go to settings > applications > Applications and features. Here, click on ‘Snip & Sketch“.

You should see the ‘Advanced options»Appearing under the option. Click on it and click ‘reset»In the tracking screen.

Additionally, as a last resort, you can uninstall and reinstall the app from the Microsoft Store. Go to ‘settings‘> applications > Applications and features and you will see an Uninstall button for Snip & Sketch. Go ahead and uninstall the app. Later, go to Microsoft Store and reinstall the app.

I hope something here will help you.

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