DISM Host Servicing Process [Fix DismHost.exe High Disk Usage]

DISM Host Servicing Process [Fix DismHost.exe High Disk Usage]

Service and management of deployment images or SAY M is a Microsoft Windows program, mainly used to maintain and prepare Windows images. It appears as DismHost.exe and is usually located in the Windows Temp folder or one of its subdirectories.

As long as the version of this file is up to date and correct. The DISM or DismHost.exe host maintenance process is not a problem or threat for your PC. However, if an older version or an outdated version is used, this can cause many problems. The DISM host maintenance process is also used as a front line by many Trojan viruses.

Let us learn about the maintenance process of DISM hosts and see if DismHost.exe is a virus or not.

What is the maintenance process of the DISM hosts (DismHost.exe)

the DISM hosts maintenance process, or DismHost.exe is considered to be 27 % dangerous. It is not part of the Windows operating system. It has no window and does not appear in the taskbar or as an icon. And so, this can cause a wide range of problems, including heavy CPU usage.

  • If the DISM hosts maintenance process is in a subdirectory of C: Windows, it is 34% dangerous.
  • And if the DSM Host Maintenance Process is in a subdirectory of C: Program Filesit can be up to 19 % dangerous
  • If the DSM hosting service process is located in a subdirectory of the previous folder of the user, it can be 28% dangerous.

You have to make sure that the variant of DismHost.exe is not obsolete.

Problems with the DISM host maintenance process

the DISM hosts maintenance process can cause a lot of problems if nothing is done, as mentioned before, including:

  • It could actually be a malware
  • Service Host Local Restricted Service Network Problem that causes
  • High usage of the disk / processor, sometimes up to 90-100%
  • consumes l & #39; Internet Bandwidth

Let's take a look at the methods and measures to help us solve these problems related to DISM hosts maintenance process

High CPU / DISMHost.exe Disk Usage Problem

A very common mistake or problem caused by DISM hosts maintenance process it causes in principle a very high use of the disk and the processor for no particular reason. This is visible as a Service Host process and its branches, under Performance in Task Manager. If you encounter such a problem, let's look at a quick and easy solution.

  • A good overview of Task Manager can easily tell you that the problem is caused by the restricted service of the Windows Local Host Service Network. This can happen on any configuration of a PC
  • Service Host The local service network contains a set of sub-services, one of which is causing high CPU usage: Superfetch
  • To get rid of such CPU usage, you will need to deactivate the Superfetch service as explained.
  • Click on the the Windows button, and in the search bar search services
  • Open Services, Find it Superfetch Service from the ordered list
  • Right click above, and select deactivate

After restarting your PC, use of the previously enriched CPU and disk should return to Ordinary.

How to uninstall DismHost.exe Process

You can remove the DismHost.exe process from your PC to solve problems, without significant consequences. To uninstall this program, follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on uninstall a program
  • Look for the Program in the list before you
  • Click on uninstall

The tool is going uninstall the program and use of your drive should return to normal. If you hesitate to uninstall the program, you can remove it with the help of available software. Uninstaller, so that automatically safeguard will be created in case of problem.

Make sure the program has been uninstalled successfully

  • After the uninstall, to restart your PC.
  • Open C: / Program Files and check if you can find a folder with the name of the DISM host service process.
  • In addition, also check in the registry the traces of Maintenance process for DISM hosts. Open the registry and under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" -> "Software" check if DISM hosts maintenance process is there.
  • It is advisable to edit Registry elements in the supervision of a computer professional.

Stop the host process that uses Internet bandwidth

the DISM hosts maintenance process can also start consuming your l & #39; Internet BandwidthSo, the method to solve it here will also be similar to the method used previously:

  • Click on the the Windows button, and in the search bar search services
  • Open Services, Find it Intelligent transfer service in the background among the ordered list
  • stop the service if it is running.
  • Right click above, and select deactivate

After rebooting your computer, you will discover that your Internet bandwidth is no longer used by any subprocess of DISM host service process.

Final catch!

These are some of the ways you could use to make your way around the DISM host maintenance process and make sure it does not cause any problems on your PC. If this causes problems that seem too serious to you, always contact a professional. We hope that you have obtained the information you need about the DISM Hosts service process and that we have solved your problem.

If you have any other questions regarding the DISM host maintenance process or the methods mentioned to remove it, do not hesitate to leave us your questions in the comment box below. We will do our best to answer you with a relevant answer.

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