NETworkManager: Free and portable network manager for Windows 10

NETworkManager network manager software

Do you have problems connecting to the Internet or your own local network? If this is the case, you probably need a network manager to identify and solve the problem. Network managers are a category of software that allow you to view statistics, details and perform operations within a network. The tool we are talking about today is calling Network Manager.

NETworkManager Network Management Software

NETworkManager is a free, open source portable tool that can work on all types of networks. It has many features and allows you to perform almost any operation on a network. It is a powerful tool for managing networks and solving network problems.

To begin, the Dashboard zone displays the current status of your network. It can display some devices and the current state of the internet on your device.

Let's go to Interface tab, you can see some important details about the network card you are using. You can also switch to other network cards using the drop down menu. In addition, you can even view bandwidth consumption and configure some adapter-related settings on this tab.

The built IP Scanner allows you to scan the entire network to discover other devices. You can see all the details about the devices on your network. To scan a network, you can enter a custom range or perform a full scan.

NETworkManager also comes with built-in software Port scanner. Port scanners are useful when you want to know which application is active on which port on your device or any other device on the network. It works the same way. you can enter the range of IP addresses and ports that you want to scan.

Then comes the ping tool; This is one of the most basic network operations that this tool allows you to perform. The program may continue to ping the host until you stop it manually. This comes very easily when you want to observe the behavior of your website and statistics like time. Or when you just want to check if your website is accessible or not.

traceroute is probably the most interesting tool of this application. It allows you to follow the path of a package that you sent to a host. You just need to enter the IP address or the URL of a host to trace the path of a package from your computer to the host . It will show all the devices in the path, as well as their IP addresses.

The next tool in the list is DNS lookup; This tool allows you to view all the DNS records of a domain name. NETworkManager also allows you to choose a source for these DNS records. You can search the Windows DNS settings or switch to Cloudflare or Google Public DNS.

Some other tools are available, such as Remote Desktop, PuTTY, Wake on LAN, Subnet Calculator, and so on. You can explore them at your convenience.

NETworkManager is a pretty robust application with a plethora of features. You must have this tool if you work a lot around computer networks. It has a nice and practical user interface that makes this tool more usable. You can download it from

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