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zte mifavor 10 wallpapers

ZTE is a manufacturer primarily known for its aggressively priced smartphones running an almost stocked version of Android. However, the company also ships Android smartphones with their own skin, just like any other Chinese OEM. Their Android skin is called MiFavor and the company just unveiled the latest version. It is based on Android 10 and accordingly calls MiFavor 10. Among the new features and modifications of MiFavor 10 are new wallpapers in stock. You can download ZTE MiFavor 10 wallpapers below in Full HD + resolution.

ZTE MiFavor 10 Stock Wallpapers

The ZTE MiFavor 10 Wallpapers Pack contains 18 high-quality MiFavor 10 wallpapers. These wallpapers range from abstract patterns and waves to fluid and smoky colored designs. If you are someone who likes a bright screen background with which you can use dark text for application tags, there are also plenty of wallpapers of this type in the pack. There is no landscape plan or any other real world object. All these wallpapers are designed with a clean and smooth rendering. If you are a fan of wallpapers with mountains, a sunset, a deer, etc., you might be a little disappointed.

The ZTE MiFavor 10 wallpapers have a resolution of 1080 pixels x 2340 pixels. In other words, they are all Full HD +, which is a slightly higher resolution than Full HD. It also means that they're not quite in quad HD. However, a Full HD + resolution should be sufficient for most phones. Because most Android phones have a Full HD screen or Full HD + or lower. For the flagship Android products that have quad HD screens, the backgrounds should always look great, unless you're a little pixel-lover.

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You can see all 18 ZTE MiFavor 10 wallpapers below. Keep in mind that it is compressed JPEG files, not actual screen backgrounds. You can still use them as wallpapers because they are always of high quality. The original wallpapers are in PNG format and can be downloaded from the link provided under these images.

Download ZTE MiFavor 10 Stock Wallpapers

We have grouped all 18 FHD + ZTE MiFavor 10 screens into a single zip file that you can download from the link below.

ZTE MiFavor 10

You can download more ZTE wallpapers in our wallpapers section.

Features of ZTE MiFavor 10

The OEM has shared information on their latest Android skin in a recent post on Weibo using a clever infographic. As such, the only information available on MiFavor 10 is what ZTE wants to announce. The computer graphics is in Chinese but we will come back on some key points.

Icons and dark mode

Android 10 supports a dark system-wide theme, which also allows OEMs to provide a more consistent dark theme experience. Naturally, while ZTE jumps on the Android 10 train, he also wants to join the dark mode club. Although ZTE is not completely black with its dark theme, it uses a lot of blacks and a lot of dark grays for the backgrounds. More than 1600 new system icons with rounded corners for a uniform and balanced visual experience help the new dark theme.

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More than 80 of these icons are designed for micro-motion effects. If you saw the tiny animation icons in Android 10 when you return to the home screen from an application, it is a micro-motion effect. MiFavor 10 also focuses on other visual aspects of the interface such as transition animations, motion curves, gesture navigation, and so on.

Floating notifications

MiFavor Floating Notifications

Have you ever been bothered by a huge notification banner that flies over a video you're watching? The people from ZTE have also been, it seems. MiFavor 10 introduces a less intrusive floating notification that takes up much less space and minimizes distractions. This is very similar to floating notifications on Samsung's OneUI. Apart from that, there is also a new way to respond to messages in landscape mode. Instead of your notification and keyboard occupying the entire screen space, MiFavor 10 uses a floating keyboard that makes it easy to answer a text, if you must. This is still a bit similar to the OnePlus OxygenOS feature.

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Smart screen and voice control

If you long press two fingers on the screen, MiFavor 10 can quickly analyze the content of your screen. It works a lot like the Google Assistant does. It works with both text and images and offers you editing options as well as product matches and recommendations, recognizes animals, plants, special characters and more. ZTE will also present its own AI voice command that can help you navigate the device with your voice and perform functions built into certain applications like Bixby.

In addition to the features mentioned above, there is also a new dynamic screen feature as well as six new built-in themes. ZTE has also upgraded the AI ​​engine which is now called Z-Booster 2.0.

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