Microsoft Surface Earbuds vs Apple AirPods: Which is better?

Surface Earbuds vs Apple AirPods

It is not so long ago, Microsoft announced the Headphones, the first truly wireless headphones ever created by the company. They look a lot like many wireless headphones on the market, but in its own way, the product is also very unique. However, the big question is how the Microsoft Surface Ear headphones compared to the Apple AirPods, the very device that launched this trend. As one would expect, the AirPods are the leader in this space because of their popularity.

It's hard to decipher if Microsoft has a chance to compete in this space, but one thing is for sure, Surface headphones should be considered another Microsoft's technological marvel. But that does not mean that success is a sure thing, because in many cases the best technology does not matter. Let's see what are the main differences between Surface and Apple's AirPods.

Headphones vs Apple AirPods

Headphones or Apple AirPod – Which one do you think is best? We can probably help you with your decision.

1) design

Now, everyone should have an idea of ​​what to expect when it comes to the design of Apple AirPods. The device goes right in the ear, but it was then equipped with a microphone salient on each earpiece. It's an unusual design, but it worked because people love this thing and many manufacturers have copied it.

Regarding the surface headphones, there are no protruding pickups, but it is very bulky. This is probably due to all the touch functions added by Microsoft. So they decided to make the exterior flat and wide for a simple touch.

2) Features and all the cool stuff

Making calls and listening to music are just basic concepts when it comes to these devices. You see, the surface ear buds have a touch surface at the top that is larger than any other similar product on the market today.

People can use the device as a PowerPoint presentation remote control and also to provide a voice dictation for Microsoft Word instead of typing. In addition, the device can also translate the spoken language and display it on the screen.

The Apple AirPods are not able to perform these tasks yet, but we hope the company will improve their product in the coming years. Nevertheless, AirPods can easily be associated with an iPhone or any other compatible iDevice device. We are not sure that the surface earphones can do the same at this stage.

3) the life of the battery

The impressive Apple AirPods are capable of running for up to five hours on a single charge and approximately 24 hours when the charging case is in place. Now, as for Microsoft Surface headphones, this thing can go up to eight hours with a single charge and 24 hours with the charge case.

As for the surface, everything is based on Microsoft's words; therefore, we will have to wait for official reviews to decide what and what.

4) price

Despite all the features and quality, only one thing has a better chance of determining success, namely the price. At present, users can purchase the Apple AirPods for prices as low as $ 159 and $ 199 at the time of writing this article.

The Microsoft Surface headphones, on the other hand, will cost $ 249, which is very expensive if you just want to make calls and listen to music. For business users who regularly use Office 365, surface headsets are the best bet on AirPods.

As for which of the two is the best, well, it is subjective. Therefore, we will leave you the decision.

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