Enable Dark Mode in Gmail Using GM Dark Theme Enabler

Here are the steps to activate dark mode in Gmail via an Xposed module. The stable and feature-rich email client from Google is still deprived of one of the most anticipated features. Yes, we are talking about the dark mode, which has not yet made its way to the smartphones of every Android user. If your device is running the latest version of Android, you can probably activate the dark mode via the system-wide toggle (Override force-dark function) using the GM Dark Theme Enabler Xposed module on phones Rootes. Unfortunately, only a handful of devices are currently Android 10 and therefore cannot fully use this functionality.

However, all of that could change if you have a rooted Android device. There is an Xposed module named GM Dark Theme Activator which toggles the theme in the official Gmail app for Android. You can then easily activate or deactivate the dark mode as required. The steps are quite simple. Just follow the instructions below and get comfortable on this dark side! On this note, here are some useful tips on Gmail that even work on non-rooted Android devices.

Dark mode in Gmail via the Xposed module

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As mentioned earlier, you will need to have the Xposed frame installed. This is quite simple if you are using Android 8.0 or earlier (install Xposed Framework on Android Oreo). However, things get a little difficult for Android 9.0. In this case, you will need to download the Riru Core and the Riru EdXposed (Sandhook variant) of Magisk Manager Downloads section.

install the xposed framework

If the Sandhook variant does not work, you can try the YAHFA version. Once you have downloaded these two modules, finally download the EdXposed APK file on your device. Still having problems installing the framework on your Android Pie devices? We have a detailed guide on how to install Xposed Framework on Android 9.0 devices. Please browse it. Once you've successfully installed the Xposed Framework, here are the steps to enable dark mode in Gmail via the GM Dark Theme Enabler Xposed module.

Steps to install the Xposed Enabler GM Dark Theme Enabler

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  1. Open the EdXposed on your Android device.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu and head to the Download section.
  3. Find the GM Dark Theme Activator module. The latest stable version is 1.5. Press the Download then install it on your device.
  4. You will now be warned to restart the device. Press on Activate and restart from the notification panel.

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That’s it. The GM Dark Theme Enabler Xposed module will now be active. All you have to do is simply follow the steps below to activate dark mode on Gmail using the recently installed Xposed module. In addition to the above method, you can also activate dark mode in Gmail by editing its shared preferences file. Users who do not wish to install the Xposed Framework can refer to these steps.

Turn on dark mode in Gmail

dark gmail theme android

  1. Open the Gmail app and tap the hamburger menu.
  2. Meeting on settings > general settings.
  3. themes will now be visible. Tap it and select Dark.

With this, you have successfully activated dark mode in Gmail using the Xposed module. Did you succeed in achieving the planned objective of the module or are you having problems? If so, feel free to drop your questions in the comments section below.

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