Enable Open Xbox Game Bar using Xbox button on Game Controller in Windows 10

Enable Open Xbox Game Bar using Xbox button on Game Controller in Windows 10

The Windows 10 integrated game bar feature allows game enthusiasts to record videos and screenshots while playing PC games. We have already explained how to enable or disable Game DVR or Game Bar in Windows 10. We will see today how to activate Open the Xbox game bar using the Xbox button sure A joystick under Windows 10.

Enable Open Xbox Game Bar using the PC Game Controller

You can access the game bar on your Windows 10 computer by pressing the Win + G shortcut if you have activated the game bar. You can also check the settings of your Xbox game bar. Open the Start menu, select Settings> Games, and make sure that Save Game Clips, Screen Captures, and Playback with the Xbox Game Bar are enabled.

A new trick now allows a user to activate the option 'Open the Xbox game bar with the Xbox button on the game controller' on Windows 10. Here's how!

When you open the Xbox game bar, you see a variety of gaming activities at your fingertips. Select one and you will see an overlay. If you are not aware, many of them can be moved, resized or pinned to your screen.

1) Use the game bar in the settings

To activate Open Xbox Game Bar with the help of Game Controller on PC, click on the button & #39; Start"Button, choose"settingsAnd go toThu"Tile.

There, click on the game bar on the left side, and in the right pane look for the option – Open the Xbox game bar by using this button on a controller.

Now, to enable it, simply check the box next to this option.

2) registry hack

Open the Registry Editor and navigate to the next path address.


Right-click in the right pane to create a new DWORD value – UseNexusForGameBarEnabled.

Now, double click on the value to add the 'value' data according to your needs:

  • Given value 0 = Disable
  • Given value 1 = Enable

When done, close the registry editor and quit.

You have now activated the Open the Xbox game bar option using the Xbox button on the game controller option in Windows 10.

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