Error [OR-DVASA2-02]: Your account isn’t eligible for mobile payment service. Call your mobile operator"

Recently, many Android users complained while trying to buy an app in Google Play Store or make an integrated purchase via Direct Operator Billing (DCB). Call your mobile operator. [OR-DVASA2-02]Today, we have decided to identify the possible causes of this error and to suggest some solutions to remedy it.

There are several examples:

1) I try to use direct billing to my mobile operator. Before, I could charge my mobile operator, but I can not do it anymore because of the error code [OR-DVASA2-02].
2) When I try to buy Google Play Store with my mobile balance, I receive this message: “Your account is not eligible for mobile payment service. [OR-DVASA2-02]”.
3) I can not buy apps and games using service provider billing because it did not check my account. And it continues to show [OR-DVASA2-03] code.
4) I want to buy something in my game app via DCB but I could not. Whenever I try, it says “Can not check your account. Try again later. [OR-DVASA2-03].

There are many topics covered on this topic in Google Play Help Forum. However, there is no general point of view on how to solve the problem. Nevertheless, the concerted efforts made it possible to find an algorithm to solve the error. Now, we present it here in case some of our readers have encountered this problem. We also hope this information will help.

Error codes [OR-DVASA2-02] (03). How to fix them?

  1. So when you try to make a purchase on Google Play using your mobile account and you see the message “Your account is not eligible for the mobile payment service, call your mobile operator. [OR-DVASA2-02]” or” Could not check your account. Try again later. [OR-DVASA2-03]”First and foremost, you need to check if you can buy content on Google Play using other payment services.
  1. If this is the case, and you can make purchases using other payment methods, but not with DCB, it is worth removing and then adding DCB to make your payments.

To remove DCB, you must:

  1. Sign in your account on;
  1. Tap “Payment methods” in the bar;
  1. Tap “Delete” in the phone number field.

After that, you can add direct carrier billing as a payment method to your Google payment profile. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Confirm the required network connection;
  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  1. Select the desired application or digital content item.
  1. Tap the price;
  1. Press the down arrow button;
  1. Tap “Payment Options”;
  1. Tap “Enable operator billing”
  1. Check your account information and tap “Register”;
  1. Accept the “Terms of Use” and complete your purchase regularly to complete the addition of DCB.

Once all the steps have been completed, your payment service should work properly and errors OR-DVASA2-02 or OR-DVASA2-03 will disappear.

This is a curious question. And if we try to use a conventional method to correct the error OR-DVASA2-02 (03). The method that has often worked to solve the problems of Google Play. C & #39; Empty the cache and The data, Delete and add the Google Account. When trying, you should first check your access to Google and your email accounts. If that’s the case, you can try to do the next steps:

  1. Force stop Google Play, then erase the data (Settings -> Applications -> Google Play Store -> Force Shutdown, then Clear Data);
  1. Clear cache for Google Play services (Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Services -> Clear Cache -> OK);
  1. Clear data for Google Play services (Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Services -> Clear Data -> OK).

Delete your Google Account:

  1. Open your device settings.
  1. Tap “Google” in the “Accounts” item and tap the account you’d like to delete.
  1. Tap “Delete account”.

Add your Google Account:

  1. Open your device “Settings”;
  1. Tap “Accounts”, then “Add Account”, then “Google”;
  1. Follow the instructions to add your account.

If you can not access your Google Account, try writing to Google Play Help Forum. You will probably find a solution to your problem. If anyone has solved his problem, please write in the comments. Just failed? Write too. We will search together.


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    error your account isn’t eligible for mobile payment service call your mobile operators[ or_dvasa2_02]

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    It happens when someone’s Payments Profile suspended temporarily due unusual/ suspicious activity on your google pay account and you need to get help from [email protected] , try to find out what google pay wants and what is for and provide required information and it depends on case condition that how much time will be taken.

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